Haiti, Venezuela, Honduras, Most dangerous places for foreign multinational executives

There have been many barriers to the government's effort to promote business and investment in Haiti. This new report is the most recent punch in the face of this effort.


Ayiti, Venezyela, Ondiras, kote ki pi danjere pou ekzekitif etranje

Nouvo rapò sa a se yon kout pyen nan efò gouvenman Ayisyen puo Promote Bizsis.

According to Latinbusinesschronicle.com, Haiti found itself with Venezuela, and Honduras as the three most dangerous places in Latin America and the Caribbean for foreign multinational executives for the second consecutive year.

Dapre Latinbusinesschronicle.com, Ayiti ak Venezyela, ak Ondiras, se twa kote nan Amerik Latin ak Karayib ki ranje pi danjere pou ekzekitif etranje pou dezyèm ane.

Something that hits the government's effort to promote business in Haiti. So much for the slogan "Haiti Is Open For Business"

"This can not be good for Business"

Sa Se Yon bagay ki frape efò gouvènman an nan ankouraje biznis an Ayiti. Mezanmi Kote Sloga sa ye: "Ayiti louvri pou biznis"

"Sa pa kapab bon pou Biznis"

According to the study generated by statistics from Public Security Secretariats, local police, governments, NGOs, and Institute of Crime Investigation from throughout the region, Haiti suffers continued insecurity following the 2010 earthquake and the inability for the Haitian government to control key parts of the country, especially in Port-au-Prince.

Dapre etid la ki te pwodwi pa Statistik ki soti nan skretarya sekirite piblik, lapolis lokal yo, gouvènman yo, ONG yo, ak Enstiti nan Envestigasyon Krim ki soti nan nan tout rejyon an, Ayiti continye soufri ensekirite aprè tranbleman tè 2010 la ak enkapasite gouvènman ayisyen aa pou kontwole yon seri de kote kle nan la peyi a, espesyalman nan Port-au-Prince.

Meanwhile, some of the safest places for foreign multinational executives in the region include: Costa Rica, Chile, and Uruguay.

Pandan se tan, kèk nan kote ki pi bon pou ekzekitif etranje miltinasyonal yo nan rejyon an gen ladan: Costa Rica, Chili, ak Irigwe.

These are the findings of the eighth annual release of LBC's Latin Security Index.

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