Haiti wants Bahamian companies to invest in Haiti

Haiti is recovering gradually from 2010 earth quake. To become more stable Haiti wants to invest with foreign countries like Bahamas. Last year Haiti had $ 100 million foreign investment. This year Haiti hopes to have over $ 400 million foreign investment and if possible reach over $600 million from foreign investment in the year 2013.


The neighboring countries wish to invest with each other. The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) called up dignitaries from Haiti to a meeting to discuss expectations of the two countries. Gregory Mevs, Haitian ambassador for trade and investment said that Haiti is ready for any investment business.

Mevs asked the two countries to work together with no competing agenda. Haiti needs more growth in financial services like insurance which can only be achieved if the two invested together in it because Haiti's financial services were increased after the earth quake.

Mevs described Bahamas as being more capable of improving economically while Haiti gains more on land utilization and population management. If Haitians were taught on how to utilize that land and the population, more opportunities would be created. Haiti has really worked on improving tourism but a lot of money is spent unwisely. Mevs emphasized than Haitians need to be trained on the tourism sector.

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