Haiti to build Qatar City, with housing, vocational school

The government of Qatar seeks to honor the pledge it made to a devastated Haiti in the wake of the earthquake tragedy of January 12, 2010. Then $20 million was promised to help fund Haiti's reconstruction, and today, $5 million of that sum is intended for the creation of Qatar City.

Planned to be an income generating micro-economy for earthquake victims, Qatar City will feature a commercial area and vocational school around which 148 homes will be built as permanent places of residence.

The project, a joint effort between the Qatar Haiti Fund (QHF) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was recently given the green light and sees USAID meeting QHF's donation, which is designated for the construction of the school, houses and commercial area, with a $4 million dollar contribution that will fund the management services and site operation of the construction. The 35 square meter houses will have two rooms and will be built to the current standards for earthquake and hurricane resistance.

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Abaka Bay, Ile-a-Vache, ranked 57th most beautiful beach in the world

Noted around the world as a top media enterprise, CNN recently published the results of its 'Most Beautiful Beach in the World' survey. Its May 28th edition showed the results of the online survey CNN opened to the public, which asked everyone from the everyday reader to literal beach and travel aficionados to rate the world's 100 most beautiful beaches.

Putting the words of Haiti's Tourism Minister, Stephanie B. Villendrouin in a prophetic light, the survey ranked Abaka Bay, Ile-à-Vache's Indian name, as 57th on its beautiful world beaches list. This is undoubtedly good press for the country, and the Tourism Ministry is already making use of the accolade.

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Isle of Boman, Petite Riviere De Nippes

Isle of Boman located in Petite Riviere De Nippes is a fishing village in Haiti where over 200 fishermen live with their families in conditions that no living soul on earth will ever want. The fishermen live on the small Isle of Boman. The isle is made of sea shells. The Isle of Boman has lighthouse that is powered by solar energy. That's all! That's the only high-tech (if at all) thing to be found there.

The area is deprived of running water and form of sanitation system. Communication, churches, schools and clinics are simply non-existent. The fishermen do not have any kind of refrigeration system and they do not have any form of shelter from a storm. Grass and trees do not exist. They only have canoes dug out of logs that they use for their fishing activities. All they have is the sun and the sea and their living place stands stark naked in front of any fierce storm that can possible annihilate the entire place and the population.

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First North Administrative Complex Part of De-Centralization Initiative

President Michel Martelly's de-centralization initiative has taken a significant step forward with the opening of the First North Administrative Sociocultural Complex (FNASC) in Vaudreuil. All Department Directorates and local State agencies will be housed in the Complex. It is a big structure with room for more than 100 offices, a circular-tiered auditorium, and spacious meeting rooms. It contains structural accommodations for those with physical impairments including ramps and mobile staircase chairs.

Vandreuil Complex is part of a network of other such structures being built in Departments around the country. The government of Haiti (GOH) is administering the Complex project with help from the Technical Implementation Unit; Urban Rehabilitation Unit; and Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation. The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) is providing the funding.

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Aquin, A Beautiful Medium Sized Town In Haiti

Aquin is a municipality and a medium sized town in Haiti's Sud Department in the Aquin Arrondissement. Aquin is a port, situated on Tiburon Peninsula's southern coast and had around 95,004 inhabitants as per the 2003 census. In 1950 the population was around 1799. 100,000 people inhabit Aquin as per current estimates. Aquin is located within the geographical coordinates of 73° 24 '0 West and 18° 17' 0 north.

Enjoyable Activities

It has some of the most amazing beaches and overlooks the Caribbean Sea. A lot of people come here to enjoy bathing in the sun and collect sea shells and coral reefs. The shells get deposited by the tide while it regresses towards the Caribbean Sea.

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Breaking News !!! - Major fire close to Marche du Port in Port-au-Prince

It has been report of a major fire that is currently burning near Port-au-Prince harbor. The damage so far has been considerable. According to several radio stations in the Haitian capital, several cars have already been consumed by the fire, including merchandises. The report also indicated that there are lost of lives due to the fire; however, they are unable to count the number of fatalities.

As usually, the report indicated that local fire Department was very late in responding to this fire. That also contributed to the gravity of the situation

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Beau-Champ a Free-Spirited Place

Beau-Champ, a tiny hamlet, contains a small population. It lies within the Nord Ouest Department close to the North Atlantic Ocean. An arid region, its rainfall is sparse and insignificant as an adequate agriculture resource.

Here are some pictures about our cities

The town is a Christian mostly Catholic community like many places in Haiti. What makes its religious practices different, however, is that Voodoo dominates the spiritual lives of its people rather than Haiti's official religion, Catholicism. Visitors to the town have noted a Voodoo church, adorned with flags outside. And skulls of the dead are arrayed at the entryway of the building. The inhabitants of the community profess Christian beliefs but privately worship the deities of Voodoo as well.

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Bassin Zim Legend and Reality

Bassin Zim, little-known treasure of Haiti, sits along Central Plateau, eight kilometers away from Hinche. It contains waterfalls, coves, and caves. The falls tumble down in white-clouded streams to four azure coves below: Candelabra, Arc-en-ciel, Bassin Zim, and Wells. Implanted within each cove are colonies of caves lined with mineral rocks. Some contain artwork by indigenous Taino Indians before immigration and colonization began.

Considered a spiritual oasis for seekers of nirvana, it is rumored healing here manifests later in positive events in believers' lives. Those who can weather the daunting trek to Bassin Zim are rewarded by an almost unearthly scene of beauty.

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Bellevue la Montagne in Haiti

Bellevue la Montagne is located in region Ouest, Haiti. It is a small place with a very small population that survives under inexplicable poverty. People in Bellevue la Montagne are live examples of what we say, 'life goes on and you just live.' Yes, they just live! La Montagne means 'The Mountain' in French. This explains the geographic location of Bellevue la Montagne which stands at 3000 feet elevation from the coast.

Bellevue la Montagne consists of 3 small villages which include Belleu, Terra Rouge and Le Croix. Living in ultimate poverty, the main livelihood for the people of Bellevue la Montagne is farming. Because of shortage of electricity, water and irrigation facilities, agriculture produces just enough for the farmers to feed their families and if they are lucky, they will have some extra produce that they can sell in local market. There is only one school in Bellevue la Montagne that is located at a distance of 1-1/2 hours and children need to spend 3 hours every day to walking up and down to their school. Only those children go to school whose parents can afford $25 a year.

Read about more Haitian cities and towns....

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President Michel Martelly inaugurated the Public Square of Pignon

On Friday, June 7, 2013, President Michel Martelly inaugurated the Public Square of Pignon. This event took place in presence of different parliamentarians as well as various local authorities. The Public Square is intended to give the local citizens a space for entertainment. The Public Square has been constructed by SECOSA. This Public Square in Pignon is symbolic of the air changes sweeping through the area that has been long awaited by the residents.

Dioda Calixte, the Mayor of Pignon congratulated and welcome President Martelly during the event and called him as a President with great vision. The President also received expressions of appreciation from Deputy Hidson Nelson. Nelson appreciated Martelly for all his achievements and especially for the Public Square.

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