The Grandeur of Pic la Selle is Worth the Trip

Pic la Selle, Haiti's highest mountain peak, measures 8,793 feet above sea level. Situated in the West Department, it is attached to the Chaîne de la Selle mountain range. The main activities of this mountainous region are hiking and camping.


To make the trip to Pic la Selle, two forms of transport will get you there: a four-by-four all terrain vehicle (ATV), or a motorbike with a driver. The bikes cost ten dollars apiece to rent, and if you want to avoid the confusion of getting lost on your way to Pic la Selle, bring a GPS device with you.

You must pass through the towns of Chaudry, Mare Blanch, and Mare Rouge to reach the pine forest, leading to Pic la Selle. Once beyond Mare Rouge, you will have ascended nearly 7,000 feet as you reach the pine forest. Many small paths at this point in the ascent can be traveled on to reach the top. The last 1,793 feet will take four hours before the summit is gained. Coming out of Jacmel driving an ATV will get you to Pic la Selle in approximately six hours.

Some visitors to Pic la Selle can take advantage of accommodations at non-government agency buildings, with transportation provided back to Jacmel. But bring your camping gear in case restrictions are in effect on the day you visit. It is recommended you bring heavy clothing, for nights and early mornings are very cold.

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