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The Grandeur of Pic la Selle is Worth the Trip

Pic la Selle, Haiti's highest mountain peak, measures 8,793 feet above sea level. Situated in the West Department, it is attached to the Chaîne de la Selle mountain range. The main activities of this mountainous region are hiking and camping.

To make the trip to Pic la Selle, two forms of transport will get you there: a four-by-four all terrain vehicle (ATV), or a motorbike with a driver. The bikes cost ten dollars apiece to rent, and if you want to avoid the confusion of getting lost on your way to Pic la Selle, bring a GPS device with you.

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Haiti Preps For First-Ever Mountain Bike Race

Are you into mountain bike racing? Do you love nature? Do you want to conquer undiscovered places in Haiti? If yes, then don't let yourself get left behind. It's time for you to register at the upcoming Mountain Bike Haiti Stage Race. The first-ever pro race will kick off on January 30 next year.

The race track runs through the Haiti National Park, some parts of which are still unchartered territory. During the five-day event, competitors are set to participate in ecosystem building projects. Then, they will race through a total of 85 miles, biking along the Chaine de la Selle mountain range; starting from Port au Prince to Jacmel. The participants are expected to traverse extreme terrains and rocky roads. The event will close with a Carnaval celebration, wherein participants will get to party with the locals in Jacmel community.

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A Haiti Biosphere Reserve Recognized at The UNESCO Meeting

For the first time in history, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has recognized Haiti by establishing a biosphere in the region of La Selle. This region is inhabited by about four percent of the Haitian population. The main economic activities taking place in this region include fishing, tourism, and handicraft and agro-forestry business.

The area was recognized due to the presence of vast mountains and plains coupled with dry tropical forest and a coastal environment. The biosphere is shared by both the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It is a stretch in the region of the Caribbean forming a kind of a corridor which is shared among the countries in the Caribbean.

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