The village of Belloc near Leogane

The village of Belloc has a population of approximately 1,500 individuals. The community maintains neither electricity nor paved roads, but has social structures in place such as a head master, a mayor, and a voudou priest. The village is also home to a sugar cane mill that processes raw cane into cane juice this is done by using a gas generator. The juice is then processed, by boiling, into Kleren, a super-strong rum of 100% proof.


The village of Belloc has an excellent water station, which provides potable drinking water in a country where clean water is a precious commodity. Basic sanitary convenience is somewhat absent in many rural areas of Haiti; trips into these area will reveal the fact that water sources are often contaminated through human waste.

The water station in Belloc was built by the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF. The design has three clean water traps. There are also three unfiltered taps which can be used for laundry and bathing. The filtering system uses solar power, thus it requires minimal maintenance. There is also a cell phone charging station that was set up by UNICEF; this way a villager may come and get their phones charges for a minimal cost.

The landscape across Belloc is filled with sugarcane fields, and the thick vegetation offers a relaxing feel and experience to travelers. The community is located close to the sea, and boasts the smell of salt and sea air, which adds to the overall atmosphere of the community.

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