Volunteer Vacations Chance to Experience and Serve Cultures

A new kind of vacation format is becoming popular the world over, volunteer vacations. These vacations are spent on service projects in all parts of the globe, and on a wide spectrum of service activities. No matter your age or marital status, a volunteer opportunity exists just right for your interests and abilities.


Some examples of volunteer vacations include helping park rangers on national parks projects; volunteering at an orphanage, or for children with special needs; teaching English as a second language; a museum conservation project; administering to injured animals at a zoo.

Experience is not as important as enthusiasm, a cooperative spirit, and a sense of adventure. And the most satisfying experiences will come from projects aligning with your interests, skills, and endurance level. You can opt to choose a project in a metropolitan area, or a more rural setting in an emerging nation.

Volunteer vacations generally run from one week to a month. Much of the time spent will be on the tasks involved, but some leisure time will also be programmed into the schedule.

Be aware volunteer vacations are not paid for; you will need to pay your own travel and lodging expenses. But you can deduct these when you file your income tax return.

Get all the information you need before you commit to taking a volunteer vacation. Items like the organization's experience, training, trip fee coverage, travelers' insurance, and item list of preparation steps, packing, and airport security guidelines.

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