Haitian Cardinal named by Pope Francis

On Sunday, Pope Francis named his first batch of cardinals and one of those selected is Haitian. This means for the first time a Haitian Cardinal will be among those who will be eligible to elect the next pope.


Monseigneur Langlois Chibly, Bishop of Les Cayes is now new Cardinal from Haiti. This is the first in the history of the country.

How about that?

Pope Francis said he will elevate a total of 19 prelates to the rank of cardinal on February. The new cardinals include people from Italy, Germany, Britain, Nicaragua, Canada, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, Burkina Faso, the Philippines and Haiti.

These newly appointed cardinals will be part of the elite group of men who will advise Pope Francis. 16 of them will have the authority to elect the next Pope.

The consistory which is the ceremony to elevate the new cardinals, is scheduled for February 22, 2014

Mezanmi moun yo, nou ponko ginyin plis informasyon sou potorik gacon sa ke Pap la nome komm Kadinal. Depi nou gin plis sou Monseigneur Langlois Chibly, nape fè ou konnin

Eske nou panse se yon bon bagay pou Ayiti?

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Jose Telfor says...

Monseigneur Langlois Chibly, Bishop of Les Cayes is now the new and first Haitian Cardinal in the Catholic Church.

This is the first in the history of the country.

Monseigneur Langlois Chibly is now 55 years old. He was the president of the President of the Episcopal Conference of Haiti.

The announcement was made by Pope Francis on January

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Jacky Dessalines says...

Avec monseigneur Chilby Langlois vinn Cardinal...mouin souhaite li exige gin elections generales libres et democratiques en Haiti en 2014 la....

lors yo ap installer li kom cardinal lap inviter senateurs Exius et Moise...

li pral lutter lan vatican kont systeme injustice makout yo etabli lan pays a...

kont grangou klorox sa makout yo etabli lan pays a...

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Malenkov says...

Thank you for the flash, but where is the picture of the nominee or the subject in reference?

The pope's picture is good, but incomplete without the principal protagonist.

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Dieudonne Laval says...

Bravo pou Pap Francis.

This man is a great man.

Nou te bliye viv ak moun, nin grac a Nonm sa, le mond ap vi pi umin

Bravo Pao

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Soeur Jeane says...

The Catholic religion will lead once again.

It has been for too long that we did not focus on what really counts.

Pope Francis is telling us how to live with each other once again.

This is a new revolution in the

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Jocelin Deroche says...

This is one of the most exciting news I have heard.

Haiti will have his own Cardinal.

I really think that Pope Francis is the greatest Pope that the Catholic religion will never know. His fight for the poor is one that i think is the greatest.

He is on a struggle to teach against greed

I just love the

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