The practice of religion in Haiti and the influences of Christianity in the country. the percentage of the Haitian population who have been converted to different religions

What if the Bible gets Updated?

Since the dawn of Times, shifting temperatures, rising sea levels, natural disasters, and Change in Genes have ordinarily happened. These events happened consistently Over Time. Lately, The World has witnessed a cascade of genetic drifts that altered dramatically all Sorts of Species.

Surprisingly, The World Became a "New World of FEAR" BUT the BIBLE has NOT Been Scientifically updated YET to Evangelize This new Changing World.

I know and I Understand the implications about how People view this matter, sometimes they even deny the whole idea of it. This Ostensibly Difficult Task has to be Acknowledged/ Considered as new ways of Teaching the Bible/Gospel to the Christian World such as Catholics ,BAPTISTS, Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, Pentecotists, and Vodoyisans..!

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Cardinal Chibly Langlois calls for Jocelerme Privert to stay in office

In an interview with newspaper Nouvelliste on Monday night, Cardinal Chibly Langlois made his opinion known about the current political crisis in Haiti. The Haitian cardinal calls for Jocelerme Privert to remain as Provisional President, calling it the lesser evils. Cardinal Chibly Langlois stated that he has been following the political development in Haiti and is concerned about what is going on in currently. He thinks that the Haitian Senators and Deputies should not use the Parliament as a tool to defend their own interests and that priority should be given to improving the condition of the population.

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Reverend Father Julien said May 18 homily not political

Reverend Father Julien was on Radio show Ranmase Saturday (May 28, 2016) to bring some lights into his homily pronounced on May 18, 2016 when he was accused of supporting the PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise. According to Father Julien, he wanted to take the advantage of all the people who were there to promote local production and would worn those who misinterpreted his words, wanted to exploit his comments for political reasons.

On May 18, 2016, Reverend Father Julien stated: "Nap Manje bannan nan sou tout form, Bouyi, Peze, Papita.."

What do you think?

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Jericho, Annual Spiritual Revival at Notre Dame D'Haiti Catholic Church

Over 10,000 Haitians filled Notre Dame d'Haïti Catholic Church in Little Haiti during "Jericho" service on Thursday, October 15, 2015. They were united to celebrate the fourteenth year of annual spiritual revival in Little Haiti. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from abroad and South Florida attend this joyful revival festival. It has become the symbolic force of this Church's biggest spiritual renewal. Notre Dame D'Haïti Catholic Church in Little Haiti was founded by the late Emeritus Archbishop of Miami on August 1981.

"Jericho Walk" or "Prayer walks" is one of the first terms of Christianese intended to circle a building or an area while saying your prayers. It lets you unwind and reconnect with your Creator. The prayer walking is sometimes called "Spiritual warfare"; using prayer to fight evil spirits. 'Prayer walk' can be done alone, but it becomes more when expressed with your family or friend or in groups. The purpose is to pray for or against something, praying God to protect, intervene or change something. According to the Bible, in the book of Joshua chapter 6, when Joshua was leading the Israelites to the land God promised them, they had crossed the Jordon River and were instructed to conquer the land called 'Canaan'. This was the land of milk and honey that God had promised to Abraham over 500 years ago. But the obstruction was the unconquerable walled city 'Jericho'.

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Good Friday and Easter Sunday Special Days for Haitians of Every Faith

Haiti Easter celebration begins with Good Friday. Good Friday is a sacrosanct day for Haitians be they Catholic or Evangelical. The vast majority of the population in Haiti attends Good Friday services. Churches have certain customs they follow that differ from one congregation to the other. In local parishes, such as the Haitian Maranatha Bible Church, seven clergymen come to sermonize, each one of them on one of the last seven words Jesus spoke before he died upon the cross.

Haitian Maranatha conducts its Good Friday services in French and Creole languages. But at other churches an English translation is projected as the priest sermonizes. Easter hymns are also sung in all three languages by different-sized choirs.

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Haiti Catholic Nuns Attacked 39 Times Within 4 Months

Catholic nuns have become the primary targets of violence in Haiti since last November. There have been over 39 cases of attacks reported on from about 27 different religious outposts in six regional departments in Haiti since November 2014. The authorities are investigating to identify the real motives behind these attacks, although in most cases, the prime objective were found to be robberies of valuables other than physical violence on the nuns. It is really hard to figure out who and what is behind the attacks that seem like something more than pure robbery. There were some unconfirmed reports of rape in some occasions which often led to serious injury. So far, no one has been killed, although a traumatized nun died in surgery and another slipped into a coma after the attack. As per Cardinal Chibly Langlois's statement, since November 2014 to the present day, about 20 houses belonging to the nuns have been attacked; religious women were beaten and brutalized. Without being disturbed, looters take everything they can--money and other small valuables, papers of identification and other important documents.

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Minister Casimir Condemned Recent Attacks Against Catholics In Haiti

Recently, on March 17 2015, Pierre Richard Casimir, the Minister of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) accompanied by other important representatives and officials from the administration, held a meeting with the representatives of the Haitian Conference of Religious and condemned every attack against the religious communities in Haiti. Haitian religious congregations play a very important role in training several Haitian generations. The Haitian Religious Conference (HCR) includes 96 congregations with more than 3,000 Sisters, Brothers and Fathers of 30 different nationalities. As per recent statement by the HRC, between October 2014 to the present day, 25 Sisters residences have been attacked, some of them were repeated, including the Charismatic Renewal Center in Tabarre. Men armed with guns, spears and sticks have threatened, insulted and brutalized nuns and other religious members and robbed everything they found. Some of the victims have been hospitalized. At least 18 congregations and offices were reported to have been affected.

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Haiti Cardinal Chibly Langlois Celebrates Mass In Little Haiti

Chibly Langlois is the first Haitian cardinal who was elevated to the College of Cardinals by the Pope Francis on 22 February 2014. He is the youngest among the other men named as cardinals and the only cardinal among the new cardinals at the February 2014 consistory who was not an archbishop. Chibly Langlois is the president of Haiti's Bishops' Conference and the acting bishop of Les Cayes since 15 August 2011.

On Sunday 23 November 2014, at 9:30 am, Langlois celebrated the Mass at Notre Dame d'Haiti in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood. South Florida is the home of the largest Haitian Diaspora in the U.S. Cardinal Langlois, as the president of the Haitian bishops' conference, often visits South Florida to hold discussions on the Partnership for the Reconstruction of the Church in Haiti (PROCHE). On this occasion, Rev. Jean Mary Reginald, the administrator at Notre Dame has said, Langlois serves as the representative for Haitians everywhere-- he represents the Haitian church, the Haitian migrants, and symbolizes solidarity between Haitian Catholics and the Vatican. He is our witness before the church.

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Pope Francis to convoke a conference in Haiti in January 2015

Pontifical Council President Cardinal Robert Sarah made a visit to Haiti Thanksgiving week with the express purpose of demonstrating spiritual solidarity with the country as they continue to recover from the devastating effects of the 2010 earthquake. He also came to help launch Leogane's Notre Dame des Anges School, which the papal diplomatic mission helped the Leogane Church build.

At this time Pope Francis announced his desire to summon a conference on Haiti in Vatican City to be held on January 10, 2015. He is doing this so awareness of Haiti's continued need for humanitarian aid does not get forgotten. Thousands still remain homeless and the cholera epidemic rages on. The Holy Father wants to stress the Church's empathy for the Haitian people. The Pontifical Commission for Latin America and the Pontifical Council will coordinate with local bishops to organize the conference.

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No real reconstruction without reconstruction of the person as a whole, Pope Francis

On January 10, 2014, in the Clementine Hall in the Vatican, Pope Francis has addressed to the participants of a special meeting to mark the fifth anniversary of the 2010 earthquake. He has said that in the process of reconstruction, humanitarian and pastoral activities should never compete, they should rather complement each other; as each needs the other, and together they can build Haitians more matured persons. Rebuilding efforts should rest on three solid pillars: the human person, ecclesial communion, and the local Church. With church's helps to the brothers and sisters of Haiti, the church has been able to show its contributing effort and it has again proved the greatest strength of the charitable services in motivating upliftment. Charity is the inner life of the Church. The second pillar of ecclesial communion consists of many religious institutions, various dioceses, and charitable organizations. Their contribution and charity work is more authentic because charity becomes genuine and incisive when it originates in communion. The Church in Haiti should become always more alive and fruitful, to witness to Christ and towards its welfare service for the nation.

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