Haitian Families Sue UN over Cholera Epidemic

In the wake of Haiti's devastating 2010 quake, a widespread cholera epidemic broke out on the island. To date 682,753 cases have been recorded. The source of the virus has been traced back to Nepali soldiers, part of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti for over a decade.


The Nepalese Army refutes the charges, saying their soldiers are routinely vaccinated before being deployed overseas. But Yale Law School's Global Health Justice Partnership (GHJP), in a released 2013 report, states ". . . the cholera strain in Haiti has been scientically linked to a single origin in Nepal." The GHJP report wants the UN, who should have made certain soldiers were vaccinated, make a public apology to the Haitian population, who have suffered the terrible effects of the deadly virus.

Attorneys for families of cholera victims have filed an action against the UN in New York, asserting infected Nepalese soldiers' feces were negligently dumped into the sewage system, leaving the cholera virus exposed and multiplying exponentially. The UN wants to blame Haiti's awful sanitation system for the outbreak. Other reports say the UN did not consistently perform complete health exams at the military base where the Nepalese stayed.

A Nepalese healthcare worker feels badly about the epidemic affecting thousands of Haitians. They say ". . . we are ready to offer our help . . ." But who wants to listen to an unimportant worker with no influence admit the UN is to blame?

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