Medical Partnership Formed between U.S. and Cuban Doctors in Haiti

Now that Cuba and the U.S. have resumed diplomatic relationships following 50-plus years of non-cooperation between the two, the Haitian healthcare system will benefit from the U.S.-Cuba medical partnership. This September a delegation of doctors and diplomats from both countries arrived in Haiti to visit hospitals, where free medical care is being provided by U.S. and Cuban doctors already on the ground.


Deputy Chief of Mission at the Port-au-Prince U.S. Embassy, Brian Shukan, acknowledged Cuba's commitment to improving the lives of poor Haitians with free medical care. It is a legacy that has lasted decades and strengthened beneficial bonds existing between the nations.

During the tour the Cuban Ambassador-to-Haiti, Ricardo Garcia Napoles, while at the La Renaissance Cuban Hospital, located in Port-au-Prince, said "Cooperation between Cuba and the U.S. is 'a natural thing'. The remark reveals just how important support from the U.S. is to Cuba, whose thawing of previously icy relations with the U.S. is proceeding apace.

Meanwhile Shukan with other diplomats and doctors, representing the U.S. and Cuba, took a tour of St. Luke's Hospital in Tabarre. There they witnessed doctors from the USNS medical ship Comfort treat patients. The Comfort is touring the south region with Haiti as one of the stop-off points.

Shukan understands the challenges lying ahead for an effective partnership between the U.S. and Cuba. He remarks, it ". . . is for us to continue talking and see where the synergies exist between us,"

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