Sick Haitian woman, mistaken for Liberian Ebola patient, caused total panic

This is getting from bad to worst and out of hands. The Ebola epidemic is a great concern; however it seems that the behavior of the population might be even more of a concern. Did you know that an Ebola scare at a Train Station in Boston forced the MBTA to temporarily suspend services. A sick Haitian woman who was sick and vomiting was assumed to be Liberian and that her illness was Ebola.


According to the Boston magazine reported, some blood was visible in the woman's vomit. The call to the emergency team stated that a Liberian woman was observer to be sick, vomiting and could be infected with the deadly ebola virus.

The 911 Emergency team responded, covered the poor Haitian woman from head-to-toe, and she was transported to Boston Medical Center for treatment. They later found out that she was not infected with ebola.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Mezanmi, nou tande nan ki sa yon fanm Ayisyen te trouve li nan Boston?

Madam lan te nan yon trin pou li ale nan travay. Sibitman, li santi li pa bye. et li te komanse vromi. Moun yo ki te nan trin sa vini pè. yo panse ke madam sa se yon moun ki soti nan payi Liberia ki yonn na payi yo kape goumin ak maladi Ebola konyè-a. Yo rele Sevis Secour. Tout moun evakye plas la. Toot Trin sevis kampe

Yo vini ouè apre ke madam sa pa te soti Liberia, se yon Ayisyen, et ke li pa ginyin Ebola.

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Subject: Sick Haitian woman, mistaken for Liberian Ebola patient, caused total panic edit

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