What are the Different Categories of Effects of Abortion?

Many persons who have undergone an abortion experience can attest that it is never a good experience at all. In fact, it is a traumatizing experience even if you are undergoing the procedure for the second time or other. This means that the patients have different stories they can narrate if given the chance to do so.


However, is unfortunate that not many of such patients would open up to relay their experiences. It therefore follows that such patients experience different side effects. The section that follows will elaborate the different categories of the effects that patients of abortion would go through.

The first category of abortion effects is that affecting the emotions of the patients. Most of these patients will experience emotional deadening in that they lose touch with their emotions. This effect is evident in a larger number of patients. The patients report mixed emotions that include increased anger, less self-esteem and tendencies to isolate themselves from social groupings. In fact, the patients experience emotional imbalances that may require the patient to be under psychotherapy until she stabilizes.

The other category of effects of abortion is physical. The physical health of the patients deteriorates considerably. This is the case because the body responds to show the trauma or shock it went through during the procedure. The patient will appear weak and pale skin. This may be contributed by loss of blood during the abortion.

Most experience spiritual effects. This is evident because they will usually avoid religious gatherings because the abortion issue may resurface and may be excessive for the patient to handle. This is the case because many religious groups are ant-abortion.

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