The Haitian Massacre

Ordered by Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Haiti's first ruler, it aimed to rid Haiti of the mulatto elite. In 1804, he sent battalions of soldiers to slaughter approximately 3,000 to 5,000 white men, women, and children. The reason for the genocide was retaliation against the French occupiers for crimes against African blacks.


The Perfect Ship Massacre. Occurred in 1758 on the British eponymous ship, which carried African slaves. Three hundred African revolutionaries formed a blockade around the ship. Armed, they got aboard and slaughtered British Captain William Potter, along with his crew, freeing the black slaves.

The 1865 Jamaican Morant Bay Uprising. Provoked by the unjust rule of the British colonial government, leader Paul Bogle and his comrades torched the Court House, taking over the city.

The Malagasy Uprising. The campaign of the Black Nationalist Freedom Fighters, (BNFF) was an eight-month battle. It brought down French Prime Minister Paul Ramadier.The BNFF attacked French military fortresses, plantations, businesses, and farms, massacring 2,450 French-born people. The scale of the attacks forced French officials to grant Madagascar its independence in 1960.

The Marlborough Ship Massacre. On board a mutiny occurred, staged by 420 African slaves, who killed virtually all 35 crew members on October 14, 1752. Two surviving crew members sailed the captives back to West Africa.

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