Homage for three leaders who were victims of the Haiti earthquake

This music video "Rel Nou Ap Toujou Fe Eko" is a homage for the three leaders in the Haitian women's movement who were victims of the Haiti earthquake.


Interpreted by Jan Jan Roosevelt, featuring Netty Dugravil, Renette Desir and Robinson Auguste, "Rel Nou Ap Toujou Fe Eko" was written by Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue, and produced and directed by Regi Chevalier.

Myriam Merlet, Magalie Marcelin and Anne Marie Coriolan, founders of three of Haiti's most important advocacy organizations working on behalf of women and girls, were confirmed dead, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010.

Along with many others, these three women gave women voices, fought against violence and made rape in Haiti a crime. One returned to her Haitian roots, to give voice to women, honor their stories and shape their futures. Another urged women to pack a courtroom in Haiti, where she succeeded in getting a guilty verdict against a man who battered his wife. A third joined the others and helped change the law to make rape, long a political weapon in Haiti, a punishable crime.

Music Video:
Rel Nou Ap Toujou Fe Eko

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Do you think the women movement in Haiti receives a blow with the death of these three Giants?

Is there anyone else who can continue to fight for women in Haiti the same way these three were fighting?

Do you think the Haitian government should erect a monument in memory of them?

Who do you think can actually take over these women causes in Haiti?

Your opinion counts

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Subject: Homage for three leaders who were victims of the Haiti earthquake edit

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