How safe is it for a Haitian Diaspora to retire in Haiti?

As we may all know already, Yves Dambreville who spent 33 years with Boston Police was gunned down in Haiti in Haiti and killed. Like many Haitians diaspora, few years ago he probably was counting days before retirement, planning on how he wanted to his time. One of the many options he considered was to return back home and provide his knowledge to his beloved country of Haiti. However, that was not to be. A member of the very group in the society that could have benefited from all that experience, commitment, etc. has decided to put an end to his life.


It was reported that Former Police Detective Yves Dambreville was killed by a gunman ran away on mot­orcycle in Port-au-Prince. Preliminary investigation revealed that that the cause could be because he 
appeared to have money or was an American. He was 66 years old

How safe is Haiti for a Haitian Diaspora who want to return home for retirement?

I do not want to discourage anyone with a dream to return home after working all of your life in a foreign land. I also know that for many it would be an economic decision as well because it can be very expensive to remain in the US, Canada, and other countries for retirement.

We all pay for crime.

Whether it is in our home, neighborhood, city or country, we all pay dearly when our environment is affected by crime. Furthermore, whether it is actual crime or that it is only perceived by people, the consequence is that many people would not want to be there. Home values will be affected because affluent individuals want to avoid the area. Current homes tend to decrease because there are less demands for current homes. After a while the population you see in this environment are those with limited option, are living at the margin of the law such as gang members, drug dealers just to name a few.

In addition, law enforcement resources are not present due to insecurity and also the environment is not contributing to sustain Police presence. This often gives rise to an atmosphere of crisis management and "laissez faire".

Many experts think that weak governance, poverty, underdevelopment and marginalization which is the current state of Haiti area breeding ground for militancy. A real vicious cycle.

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Shime Leroy says...

Haiti is the best place to retire if you have a house whaterver the size it not important no insurance no taxe land you can add many rooms have some one to help you keep the house clean the laundry and cooking but the price if your

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