Amnesty International, Haitians and Dominicans are deported to Haiti

In the recent wave of deportations, the Dominican authorities have manage to deport both Haitians and Dominicans to Haiti. According to Amnesty International, the Dominican Republic has expelled more than 100,000 people to Haiti; many of which being carried out illegally. The agency was able to verify close to 1,600 of those who were deported to Haiti as being entitled to Dominican nationality.


In addition, Amnesty International reported that many of the deportations are carried out without leaving any records. Information gathered suggested that some of these people were arrested in the street and taken straight to the border if they were unable to produce identification documents on the spot. Legal services were not offered to them.


Amnisti Entènasyonal di yo depòte an Ayiti, Ayisyen ak Dominiken

Nan vag depòtasyon ki sot pase, otorite Dominikèn te depòte ni Ayisyen ni Dominiken an Ayiti. Dapre Amnisti Entènasyonal , Repiblik Dominikèn te mete deyò plis pase 100,000i; anpil nan depòtasyon sa yo te fet ilegalman. Ajans la te kapab verifye plis ke 1,600 moun sa yo ki te depòte an Ayiti kòm moun ki gin dwa nasyonalite Dominikèn .

Anplis de sa, Amnisti Entènasyonal rapòte ke anpil nan depòtasyon yo te fet san yo pa kite dosye . Enfòmasyon sanble sigjere ke kèk nan moun sa yo te arete nan lari epi yo te pote yo tou dwat nan fwontyè si yo pa te kapab pwodwi dokiman idantifikasyon imedyatman. Dominikèn pa te ofri yo sèvis legal.

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Subject: Amnesty International, Haitians and Dominicans are deported to Haiti edit

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