Jean-Bertrand Aristide: Fanmi Lavalas would win good portion in Next Election

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, two-term president of Haiti, went into exile in 2004. A polarizing figure in politics, his strong push for democracy put his life in danger several times. He survived six assassination attempts. In 2011, Aristide returned from South Africa, keeping out of sight since then.


But his appearance in public after being summoned to testify on the death of a political colleague has observers wondering if he intends to re-enter politics. He spoke to supporters about upcoming elections and Haiti's food crisis. He believes if Haiti's Electoral Council can hold "free, fair, and transparent" casting and counting of ballots, Fanmi Lavalas could win a significant number of seats in the senate.

Aristide spoke about the growing strength of Fanmi Lavalas, founded in the late 80s, and how it has survived being co-opted by political opportunists. He also talked about the food crisis, describing it as "one of the biggest problems we have in . . . Haiti today." He said all Haitians must unite to ensure no Haitian goes hungry.

Away from public life, he said he has been reflecting on what the country is facing and the government of Haiti's (GOH) response. He is disappointed GOH has handed out contracts without a bidding process, and engaged in back-room brokering with favored contractors.

Aid donors are withholding billions of dollars in pledges to force GOH to do a better job of managing aid money. And Aristide is biding his time to conceivably make another foray into Haitian politics.

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