Did Aristide ordered Jean Dominique's Assassination?

Breaking news. According to Radio Kiskeya.com, former President Jean Bertrand Aristide had ordered the assassination of Jean Dominique. On January 17, 2014, a judge concluded that a total of nine people are implicated in the assassination of radio journalist Jean Dominique, including many close associates of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Former Senator Mirlande Libérus Pavert, former head of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy; also very close to Jean-Bertrand Aristide, is considered the intellectual author of the assassination.


Jean Dominique was assassinated because he was "Presidentiable". He needs to be reduced to silence

Mesanmi, Kote nou Ye?

Former Senator Mirlande Libérus Pavert is seating right in the middle of a burning fire as she is now considered the intellectual author of the assassination.

Other names listed include:
Annette Auguste, aka Sô Ann
Gabriel Harold Severe
Anette Auguste
Gepsie Milien
Markenton Michel
Jean Daniel Jeudy
Jean Mercidieu Toussaint
Merite Milien

An amount of $60,000 was offered to Guy Benson and Ti Ponyett to kill Jean Dominique

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Kem says...

Qui donne un f ...

k de ce que vous croyez.

Aristide a besoin d'aller en prison pour tous les crimes qu'il avait commis.

Les autorités haïtiennes doivent prendre position et faites glisser ce criminel en

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Kem says...

Ne l'obtiennent pas tordu, la chose appel aristide est un ...

Toussaint Louverture était un être humain notre libérateur le noir Bonaparte, le noir George Washington, et le seul de tous les temps.

Alors, ne vous chers campare votre

aristide à Toussaint

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Jean Claude says...

en Haiti ou pa bezwen voye mounn al fe zak pou ou non, yo prale fel pou kont yo. depi se fanatik yo ye de yo tande you moun ap palew mal, ya l kraze mounn pou kont yo san ou pa voye

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Rene Johnson says...

Rene Preval betrayed Jean Bertrand Aristide in Jean Dominique case

With the indictment of 9 members of the Lavalas party in the assassination of Jean Dominique, I see a follower, a friend of Jean Bertrand Aristide who betrayed him. Former Jean Bertrand Aristide's Prime Minister Rene Preval should have known that his friend was deeply involved in the assassination of jean Dominique when he formed the commission to investigate the assassination.

Today, it is that same commission that finally put in the open the involvement of Fanmi Lavalas in the assassination of Jean Dominique.

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Papito Jean-pierre says...

Can Fanmi Lavalas survive Jean Dominique Assassination

Last week, the Political party Fanmi Lavalas was the object of the discussion after more than 9 high ranked members of the party were named in the assassination of radio journalist Jean Dominique.

After 14 years of investigation, it was concluded that the party of Jean Bertrand Aristide was

Jean Dominique should be stopped at any cost from running in the presidential election in 2000. For that, an amount of $60.000 was delivered for the execution, according to the report.

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Jacky Dessalines says...





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Jules Casseus says...

What would be good now is for Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide to recognize his crime!
For all these year, Mr. Preval his close associate probably new that Aristide is the main responsible for that crime.

Poor Mrs Dominique ! I do hope that justice can be done in one way or

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Jean Jean-pierre says...

Yes in deed President Aristide ordered the assassination of Jean Dominique

He wanted to establish a dictatorship in Haiti and saw someone like Jean Dominique as a threat and a potential challenge, someone who was gaining popularity.

As a paranoid individual, he got together with his killing machine and eliminated him.

The cover has finally been removed from the mystery on the assassination.

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Carline Menard says...

I am not ready to believe any of these.

This is no longer a criminal issue.

It sounds more political than anything.

We need to remember this is an election year in Haiti and the issue of Jean Dominique seems to comeback to the front burner whenever there is election.

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Martelly Tet Kale says...

Bagay la Cho pou Aristide at tout Akolit li yo
Mwen te toujou konnin ke Jean Bertrand Aristide te inplike nan assassination Jean Dominique.

Se pou yo mete tout moun sa yo anba kod, menm Aristide.

Moun Lavalas sa yo se problem pou payi sa. Voye aristide retounin an Afrik di

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