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Did the revelations of Oriel Jean help or hurt Jean Dominique Case?

The revelations made by Oriel Jean on the assassination of Jean Dominique was shocking. There were many damaging revelations made by the deceased that are supposed to bring some lights into the case and eventually bring justice to Jean Dominique case. However, that is not the case. The decision of Guyler C. Delva to release the tape of the interview on this day, and under these circumstances left many with unanswered questions.

Oriel Jean who was the security chief for President Jean Bertrand Aristide from from 2001 to 2003 was assassinate by armed individuals on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 in Delmas. He is an ex convicted from US prison. Oriel was convicted to spend 30 years in US prison but managed to spend only three years after some inside deals with the US government.

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Oriel Jean got his house worth of $400,000 back on government deal

As usual, things are never that simple. We just learned that there was a deal between Oriel Jean and the government where his house was returned to him after being possessed by the government. The house is evaluated at $400,000 US.

According to Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000. Oriel Jean spent prison time in the US as he ahs been singled out by the US government during his jod as the security chief for Jean Bertrand Aristide. He spent time in US Prison and was released after cooperating with the US government.

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Breaking news - Oriel Jean, Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Dominique's Assassination

In an interview conducted by Guyler C. Delva with Oriol Jean on January 16, 2014 in Miami, the former security officer for former President Jean Bertrand Aristide, made some shocking revelations. He placed former President Jean Bertrand Aristide in the middle of the assassination.

Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide orchestrated the assassination of Jean Dominique. According to Oriel Jean, Jean Dominique is a cancer; his death is a deliverance for Haiti.

Reason for killing Jean Dominique based on the interview with Oriel Jean:
Jean Dominique was very critical of the Lavalas Government. If we do not make him close his mouth, he will make us close ours, according to Aristide.

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Lavalas U.S. Implicated in Oriel Jean Death

Oriel Jean, head of the Special Unit for Guarding the National Palace, during former President Aristide's administration, fell prey to the U.S. government, who wanted him on drug-trafficking charges. It was rumored Jean had fled from Haiti to Canada to escape prosecution. Denying he was involved in drug-trafficking and money laundering he returned to Port-au-Prince. Asked for his resignation, he still remained part of Aristide's security behind the scenes.

Following Aristide's ouster, the Canadian Embassy promised Jean refuge, but reneged on its word, canceling his visa and arresting him. Jean requested the judge at his hearing to return him to Haiti. But before the judge could act on the request Washington sent an extradition request.

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Repatriation of Philippe Markington, alleged key witness in Jean Dominique Case

Philippe Markington, suspect in the alleged killing of Jean Dominique, activist journalist, has been extradited from Argentina where he sought sanctuary after escaping from the National Penitentiary. He had been held in the penitentiary, pending further questioning by Haiti's judicial authorities.

Philippe Markington Extradited to Face Murder Charges on Dominique Death

SOS journalists protect Haiti's freedom of the press. Delva, its Committee Chairman, is heading an investigation into Markington's part in Dominique's death. Pleased Markington has been taken into police custody; he says, it "is . . . a very important step in the investigation . . . to a resolution of this horrible murder case." Dominique, a critic of ex-President Aristide, was assassinated in 2000.

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Markington Philippe, arrested in Agentina on Jean Dominique killing

According to a news just published on, the Haitian press freedom watchdog, SOS Journalistes, has confirmed that Argentine authorities have arrested Mr. Markington Philippe in Argentine.

Markington Philippe was a close ally of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

This arresst in Agentine came following an Investigation where Judge Ivickel Dabrezil issued an international arrest warrant, which has eventually been enforced through Interpol. Arrest warrents have also been issued for: Mirlande Liberus who is currently living in the United States.

The Argentine authorities are currently in the process of cooperating with the Haitian authorities to extradite Mr. Markington Philippe to Haiti.

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Judge Yvickel Dabresil wants to charge Mirlande Liberus Pavert

Details of the report filed on January 17 by investigative judge Yvickel Dabrésil are slowly coming to the fore, including the names of the 9 accused of having blood on their shoulders following the April 2000 gunning down of Jean Dominique and a security guard at his radio station, Jean-Claude Louissant. The accused include former Lavalas Family (FL) senator, Mirlande Libérus Pavert, who has been named as the engineer of the plot, past deputy mayor of Port-au-Prince, Gabriel Harold Sévère, FL activist Sò An, folksinger, Annette Auguste, Dimsley Milien, Mérité Milien, Frantz Camille, Markenton Michel, Jeudy Jean Daniel and Toussaint Mercidieu.

The naming of the co-conspirators has been a long time coming, with fear behind the slow pace of the progression of the case. The seventh judge to handle the case has found a way to push that fear aside and, with the evidence given by 19 witnesses throughout his investigation that lasted from 2011 to 2013, he's been able to push a prosecution for the murder of the outspoken and controversial journalist further than it's ever been.

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Nine accused in the killing of radio journalist Jean Dominique

In April of 2000, noted, uncompromising and controversial journalist, Jean Dominique arrived at work at his radio station, Radio Haiti Inter. As he pulled into the lot, unknown gunmen attacked him, killing him and the station's security guard in the act. For over 10 years, despite many cries for justice from various fronts, not the least of which was the widow of the deceased journalist, no definite moves toward seeking prosecution for the masterminds of one of Haiti's most striking assassinations had been made. Today, through the efforts of investigative judge, Yvikel Dabresil, 9 people stand accused of the conspiracy which claimed the lives of two men.

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Did Jean Bertrand Aristide want Jean Dominique dead?

It is a rather sticky mess that began, perhaps, even before the 2000 murder of journalist Jean Dominique. Today, the saga continues after Judge Yvikel Dabresil accused nine people, close associates of the country's former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, of having, between them, silenced Dominique.

While the judge has not indicted the former president on the heels of his investigations, which was revealed by a panel of the Appeals Court, Aristide has been fingered as having ordered the act which took place at Mr. Dominique's station house, Radio Haiti Inter in Port-au-Prince. The incident had also claimed the life of a security guard for the radio station.

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Interview with Michele Montas on Jean Dominique

Here is the wife of Jean Dominique, Michèle Montas who gave a video interview to Radio Caraibes. She was in her car in in front of Radio Haiti Inter as the assassination took place.

Michèle Montas started working with her husband Jean Dominique in Haiti in the early 1970s.

Several attempts were mad on Radio Haiti-Inter in the 1980s and 1990s. Both Jean Dominique and Michèle Montas Dominique went on exile several times and in April 2000, Jean Dominique was assassinated

The Radio Station Radio Haiti Inter was finally closed for good by Michèle Montas in February 2003 who left the country to live in New York City

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