Jean Bertrand Aristide, the only force capable of stopping Jovenel Moise

The PHTK is on the way to put their candidate Jovenel Moise at the National Palace in February. They have invested heavily and at this point they have everything necessary to win the upcoming presidential election in Haiti. Whether legally, through fraud or with force, PHTK Political machine is well oiled and in motion to win.


People like Maryse Narcisse, Moise Jean Charles or Jude Celestin do not really represent obstacles to this heavy political machine and no matter what strategy these three use, it will not stop PHTK machine.

Let's take the case of Maryse Narcisse for instance who has decided to contest the last election results. She is likely to go no where with her efforts because the authorities in charge of the election process, the CEP, may not have clean hands in all that.

Moise Jean Charles who also cried fraud, on the other hand has decided not to bring his complaints in front of the BCEN. he is hoping to rally people through street protests. However, so far, the police force with the newly created unit BOID has had so far the upper hand.

Jude Celestin is playing a game of wait and see. He is undecided on whether or not to go to the second round with Jovenel Moise. I am afraid that Jude may end up in the same position he found himself five years ago, a victim. Jude Celestin may take an heroic act and decide not to participate in a run off with Jovenel Moise. However, it will not be the best option. What will happen is that he will give the PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise a free pass to the presidency. While Jude Celestin will not be able to campaign the run off election will go on as scheduled with both of their names on the ballots.

With all the scenario listed above, one may think that one way or another, we will end up with PHTK in the National Palace in February, 2015. You may say as may people have been saying Jovenel Moise (Neg Bannan-Nan) will be the next Haitian president.

That is not necessarily true.

You are jumping the gun.

There is one possibility that may revers everything. One Domino that may turn the entire table upside down or inside out. There is one player who may enter the game and take the soccer ball home with him. This player is called Jean Bertrand Aristide. Forget about restriction, forget about conditions imposed for his return to the country. Just imagine for a moment that Mr. Aristide decides to go out in the streets of Port-au-Prince and participate in the current protest movement.

One thing I know is that if that becomes reality, whether you are associated with BOID, Michel Martelly, PHTK or the International Community, you will be negotiation with Jean Bertrand Aristide as to who will be the next president of Haiti.

The question is: Will Jean Bertrand Aristide pull his sleeves and get inside the ring?

What do you think?

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Shime says...

ce ca qui democrati et ceca qui la vie chaque noune oue bagaille on gen et gen yo oue li a yo vle fais comprend ce li qui

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Wilner Alixe says...

It is the one and only one J B A could stop phtk in the race for elections 2nd round 2015 because he has enough power to conduct all Haitian people to the

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Shime says...

ce yon bagaille qui impossible la foi derniere li te longer doigt li sou Preval tout noune te voter a p[a li longer doigt li maryse narcisse ca pa macher foi ca a temps lavalasse la

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Landry Louis says...

I agree with 100%.

However, it is too late. Dr. Narcisse cannot participate in the second tour. The solution to defeating Jovenel Moise is, at best, for Fanmi Lavalas to endorse Jude Celestin.

for once, Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide needs to act as a leader.

Mr. Aristide must instruct his followers to take the street peacefully, no violence, no tire burning, He must, unequivocally, tell the people that violence is not the way to defeat the man that insulted them. The man that said "Kou @$# *&@ manma Haiti.

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Jacky Dessalines says...

Ah ha....The country just become a narcotic state...the president is the coordinator of all the transactions.

The president is clearly a thief...stealing all country money with his family and associates.

The justice system is corrupted.

The president control it. The Haitian Congress is not capable of doing is also in the president pocket.

Something must be done against that kind of situation...

we need a general revolt in Haiti definitely...for a total

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Pony Berrouet says...

Go ahead make my day. Aristide will not draw any better than MJc. However his presence will bring Many thousand in the Jovenel camp, just to exorcise the

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Julio De Castri says...

Do you think that he wants to do campaign with Celestin?On what basis the Electoral council would let him do

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