Jean-Claude Duvalier Diplomatic Passport Renewed By Haitian Officials

Officials in Haiti have now renewed Jean-Claude Duvalier, former dictator's diplomatic passport. This was stated on Saturday, by Reynold Georges, his attorney.


Customary Practice Of Issuing Diplomatic Passports
He stated that Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country has issued Duvalier's travel document again, after its expiry last month. This has been a customary process for both former Prime Minister's and Ex-Presidents.

Reynold Georges, the attorney stated on phone that, the diplomatic passport had to be reissued, since he has been the Ex-President, which is a practice followed commonly and this is something that should not be discussed by the citizens. After completing 25 years in exile, in 2011, Duvalier returned to Haiti suddenly.

Convicting Duvalier
An investigation was opened by the authorities in Haiti into abuse of human rights related with his rule ranging up to fifteen years. However it was recommended by the judge that he Duvalier should be indicted for only the crimes he committed financially.

If he is convicted at all, then it should be for not more than five years. An appeal process is being slogged currently by the case. On January 24, 2013, a hearing has been scheduled states, Georges, the attorney. He is very much confident about a guaranteed win.

Duvalier And His Long Time Partner
Duvalier, the 61 year old along with a partner he has been having for a long time has been seen driving all throughout Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, all through the case. This is apparently in relation to defiance against a house arrest that expired last year. At many of the plush restaurants the pair has been seen dining.

Not much use has been made of the diplomatic passport by Duvalier. Attorney Reynold Georges states, that Duvalier had planned a trip to Santo Domingo, the Dominical Republic in the neighborhood, recently. However, Georges, is not too sure on whether the trip happened or not, actually.

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