Jocelerme Privert likely to head the Transitional government?

In just two days, many will no longer have Michel Martelly to kick anymore. However, a new name will come out within the next two days. It will be a provisional government headed by someone. Who will it be? I just have one simple question. How many people think that the transitional government will be headed by none other than the Senator of the Nippes Department, Jocelerme Privert?


What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Konbyen moun ki panse Jocelerme Privert pral dirije gouvènman Tranzisyonèl lan?

Nan jis de jou, anpil moun pa gen Michel Martelly pou yo choute ankò. Sepandan, yon nouvo non ap vini soti nan de jou kap vini yo. Li pral yon gouvènman pwovizwa ki dwe gen nan tèt li yon moun. Ki moun li pral ye? Mwen jis gen yon kesyon ki senp. Konbyen moun ki panse gouvènman tranzisyon pral gen nan tèt li okenn lòt moun ke Senatè nan Depatman Nip lan, Jocelerme Privert?

Kisa ou panse?

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Isidore St Albert says...

En cas de vacance présidentielle pour quelle que raison que se soit, le president de la cour de cassation doit assurer

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Subject: Jocelerme Privert likely to head the Transitional government? edit

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