Judge Jean Serge Joseph Death to Stop First Lady and Son Prosecutions?

Judge Jean Serge Joseph, dead of a cerebral hemorrhage, was in hot pursuit of First Lady, Sophia Martelly, and son, Oliver, on embezzlement changes. Shorty before his death, Judge Joseph had subpoenaed the First Lady and her son to appear before Parliament, with Prime Minister Lamothe and other government administrators in attendance.


The Martelly-Lamothe government was pressuring Joseph to re-think his position and drop the charges against Martelly's wife and son. Attorneys Michel Newton and Saint-Juste, who have fought the Martelly government's lies and deceptions, and been subject to death threats and other acts of intimidation, have been concerned for Joseph's safety. They sent an emissary, ex-government commissioner, Me Harycidas Auguste, to warn Joseph to be circumspect in his actions. Auguste told Joseph rumors were flying around Port-au-Prince that Martelly henchmen were planning to assassinate him because of his temerity to falsely accuse the head of state's wife and son of embezzlement. The emissary told Joseph he risked his life by continuing to bring legal proceedings against the two.

The question remains will Judge Joseph's successor prosecute the Martellys, or will he drop the charges? Martelly has the power now to make sure whomever he appoints judge won't continue the case against his wife and son.

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Subject: Judge Jean Serge Joseph Death to Stop First Lady and Son Prosecutions? edit

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