Canadian Peacekeeper in Haiti, two possible explanations for Canada new interest in Haiti

Recently, almost under the cover of darkness, Canadian troops were deployed into Haiti on a Peacekeeping mission. The new Canadian military presence in Haiti, represented by a small troop, can be attributed to one of two reasons, says a source from inside the foreign military who shared his views on the occupation.


They could be on a reconnaissance mission, aimed at intelligence gathering before a greater deployment of Canadian soldiers. The possible reason for this would be the pending alliance between Canada and Brazil, which currently oversees Haiti's security. Canada could be, in a gesture of goodwill towards Brazil, unburdening them from the task.

Another possible reason given was that, by replacing the Portuguese-tongued soldiers from Brazil with French-speaking Canadians, better able to communicate with the population, the United Nations is seeking to create deeper bonds between the Haitian community and their organization, possibly to ameliorate its waning image after the cholera outbreak which killed thousands and the UN's response to the question of their culpability. As such, the peacekeepers all hail from the sole French-speaking regiment within Canada's forces.

Also interesting to note are the theories that, after what many view as a military failure in Afghanistan, Canada's army might want to invest in a positive-press campaign with Haiti as the platform; Canadian companies have deep investments in Haiti's gold potential, but cannot begin to mine true profits until the country is better stabilized and mollified; or that the motive is to shadow the actions of America, aimed at controlling domestic politics in Haiti and keeping ousted Jean-Bertrand Aristide in permanent exile.

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Subject: Canadian Peacekeeper in Haiti, two possible explanations for Canada new interest in Haiti edit

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