Kiko Saint Remy, brother of First Lady Sophia Saint Remy Martelly

Charles Saint-Remy alias Kiko, the brother of First Lady Sophia Martelly and Woodly Etheard alias Sonson La Familia aka SOS, were once business partners. Woodly Etheard is a notorious leader of Gang Galil, involved in many kidnapping and extortion cases. Kiko and Sonson used to run a restaurant business "La Souvenance" located at Morne Brun, in Petionville which used to supply food at the National Palace and other important government departments of the country.


Kiko is one of President Martelly's closest clan, fights for Martelly's control of territory. During the later part of the previous year when political pressure against Martelly was mounting, to divert the public attention, Kiko accused former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in a massive march of anti-government protest on November 18, 2014. He blamed him on charges of corruption, and held him responsible for a series of arrests, including 20 demonstrators in the earlier month and called for his resignation. Kiko further accused Lamothe on charges of exploiting justice, neutralizing competitors, operators and activists. On this day of protest, the police opened fire on the anti-government protesters- two persons were killed and four were injured.

However, one of his stunning accusations against Lamothe was, declaring one of his criminal arrests as a political arrest! Lamothe administration ordered the arrest of hardcore criminal, Kiko's onetime buddy, Woodly Etheart along with Renel Nelfot, aliases, Sonson Lafamilia and Renel Lecref (they jointly worth $44 million), in charges of kidnapping an American businessman, Samy El Azifor and claiming ransom of US$2 million.

Lamothe was once a long time business partner of Martelly. He is a darling of the U.S. Embassy, a management graduate from U.S school, built a telecommunications empire in Africa and Latin America. However, the power dynamic between Martelly and Lamothe was internecine and Kiko is an active tipping point to favor own clan while his own sister Sophia Martelly is entering the scene with own questionable candidacy. Now, without Lamothe, Sonson Lafamilia has been free through an unlawful judicial process and the Haitian Tet Kale Party (PHTK) will be able to use $44 million to clear the candidacy of Martelly's wife, fund campaigns and buy fraudulent votes for PHTK. A recent report from Sentinel indicates that President Martelly is seriously considering the replacement of the government of Prime Minister Evans Paul.

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