Parliament of Haiti

The Parliament of Haiti plays a vital role in the entire government. Without it, nothing will work on the country's legislation. The Parliament is the country's legislature, which consists of the Senate (Upper House) and the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House).


The Lower House is one of the houses comprising the bicameral Parliament. It has 99 members who are directly elected based on public votes. It holds greater power over the Upper House as it is the one making and proposing new legislations for the country. It has full control over certain laws such as those involving the budget and finances. The Lower House also has the authority to push for the impeachment of the president.

The Upper House, on the other hand, has lesser power but it has the authority to review and approve the legislations coming from the Lower House. The Upper House or the Senate has 27 seats, which are filled through a different voting system. It is the house that tries a president for impeachment, as proposed by the Lower House. Being a house of review, the Upper House could not create or veto legislations. The only thing it can do is to review and consider legislations passed by the Lower House.

Haiti's Parliament has faced a lot of challenges over the past years. As a matter of fact, its building, the Palais Legislatif, is one of the infrastructures that were damaged by the 2010 earthquake. The building, which is located in the capital of Port-au-Prince, was greatly rattled, forcing officials to resume their session in a temporary classroom.

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