Let's see how good you are. Will it be Michel Martelly or Mirlande Manigat

As We are waiting for the CEP to publish the preliminary results of the 2011 Haiti election run-off, the "Haitian Joudalist" would like to take his own poll to see whom you think will come out on top, according to the CEP.


Do you think the results will be based on the results of the election or just a selection? Whether or not it is an election or a selection, who do you think will likely come out on top?

Will it be from the Michel Martelly camp or from the Mirland Manigat Camp

We have two pictures to show you. I would like for you to vote one one of them

Soon, i will be posting one of the two pictures below. Let's see how good you are.

Will the picture after the election result be Picture number 1 as you see below:

PICTURE NUMBER 1: Predicting Candidate Michel Martelly as the winner of the 2011, Haiti election Run-off:

Or, Will the posted picture after the election result be Picture number 2 as you see below:

PICTURE NUMBER 2: Predicting Candidate Mirlande Manigat as the winner of the 2011, Haiti election Run-off:


Make your selection. Will it be Manigat or Martelly?

Will it be a selection or an Election?

The ball is in your court. Please select one

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Eric says...

Martelly will be the next president, anyway it's a

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Jean says...

vox populi vox

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Yes michel martelly is the y next psd pour

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Yoyo says...

Michel martely win the election with no

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Thinkclearly says...

The minority, according to your logic, has been very very ethical and mature.

I suppose that is why the world is so polluted in all aspects of the

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Isidor Stalbert says...

The majority does not always has reason owin to their lack of ethic

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No Joke says...

It is been reported throughtout the world that Michel won the presidency by a margin of 2 to

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Marylyn says...

Michel Martelly off

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Mintoroa says...

the people voted for michel to b

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Claude Osias says...

Mr.Martelly would have a chance to win the election, until Mr. Aristide got in the country, everythings has been change.

Beside this is all a big show to take off Our mind, and attention of the reality of the real thing,.

They motives is to bring the Haitien people in to a confantation, and with the help of our so call leaders they may archived it.in conclussion it's not matter Mr. Martelly or Mrs.Mirlande, we are still under occupartion.What we need is some leaders or groups young people to come together to start making demand not from the Haitien government but, to The oppressor.

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Subject: Let's see how good you are. Will it be Michel Martelly or Mirlande Manigat edit

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