US Marines deployed on the coast of Haiti as we are waiting for electiom results

There are currently several US Marines being deployed on the coast of Haiti. The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that the United States has decided to deploy United States Marines troop along Haiti coastal line recently. This was announces in an interview between the US Ambassador in Haiti and the reporter from Signal FM.


In interview with Radio signal FM, the Guatemalan Edmond Mulet, head of Mission of United Nations Stabilization in Haiti (Minustah), as well as the US ambassador in Haiti did confirm the presence of US Marines on the coast of Haiti; however, they have been deployed for humanitarian reason.

According to the US ambassador, there are currently 12 US Marines who are in Haiti to help prepare for the cyclone season that will start officially in June. He also reported that these Marines will not be involved in anything regarding the Election results.


What do you think my friend?

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Pierre says...

se konsa yo diw yap fe demokrasi ou byen demagog ou gen yon bann enbesil ki ap aplodi sa si yo terenmen haiti konsa se pasa yo ta fe lew paka fe pou andan lakay ou ou al pwan deyo pou antre andan se yon sery de cho yap bay you te prepare konsa bilding ak avyon tap frape nan yo kote marinn yo te

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Verite says...

kot tout mechan yo
se sou vie fre vie seu ayitien yo yo woue fos yo
sak few pa al fe freken ak marines saa
al kidnape yo siw gin grin nan boudaw
min ou gin ak kouraj pow kidnape youn ti frew ak seuw pou wal viole yo

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Sesalye says...

MINUSTAH Leader Edmond Mulet Says He Hopes The Loosing Party Accepts Defeat

Monday April 04, 2011 08:04 AM ET

FACT - In the Haiti elections there will ONLY be ONE winner - Edmond Mulet, Interim Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) is hopeful that the loosing party will accept defeat.

But just in case the loser soti pou-l fe lobey...

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Max C. says...

We will know the new president of Haiti at midnight today.

Michel Martelly will be the next president of Haiti and there will not be any issue.

The Government wanted to put Mirlande Manigat, however, they are afraid that the same thing that happened after the first results were announced will happen again.

The Haitian people will not let for others to decide who will govern them for the next five years.

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Miguel says...

We need the presence of US Marines in Haiti.

This is a group of people who are Barbare.

If there is no authority in this country.

all hell will come

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Jacob L. says...

The US Marines are not in Haiti for anything regarding Disaster.

They are in Haiti to provide security to the elite in case things are getting out of control.

This is another sign that they intend to put Mirlande Manigat as President.

They know for sure that there will be problem after the

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Papa Lou says...

This is what has become the land of Jean-Jacques dessalines.

We have been controlled and invaded by foreign forces.

Haiti is no longer for Haitian.

The US is in

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Subject: US Marines deployed on the coast of Haiti as we are waiting for electiom results edit

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