Mandates and Observers for sale in Haiti election

On October 25, 2015, many people in Haiti were happy with the results of the election. Some Political Parties and organizations accredited to observe the election were happy as well, but for different reasons. In fact, these groups were laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to the flourishing business of Mandates and Observers that have been selling during the election.


While many voters on election day were standing patiently in long lines outside of the polling stations throughout the country, some were engaged in fraud, taking advantage of the privilege accorded to them to supervise the voting process.

Here is how, why, where and when it happened:
Representatives or agents of the various political parties were supposed to be part of the process of supervision or monitoring of the process. As a result, the parties are allowed to send their representative at each location for the purpose of supervision. Similarly, various organizations judged competent to monitor the election process in Haiti were allowed to send their representatives as well to various polling stations. The organizations accredited by the CEP were allowed to send their representatives.

Doors of opportunities open for Political Parties and accredited organizations:
According to Pierre Esperance from National Human Rights Defense Network, Political parties who are allowed to have up to 13,000 agents or "Mandaters", were selling these mandates between 150 gourdes and 300 gourdes before and during election. Although the Representatives of the various Political parties were allowed to vote at the polling center where they were, many did not vote for the Political party that they represent. It was also reported that some of them were allowed to vote several times.

The same for accreditation:
Pierre Esperance also reported that many accreditation were given to bogus organizations not involved in election. These organizations in turn sell to some political parties or candidates. As an example, NADA an organization asked for 7,000 accreditations from the CEP. The CEP did make the decision to remove NADA from the process.

Although it was not the majority of the voters who were involved, however it is significant enough to affect the result of the election in many places.

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