Marchand Dessalines, Haiti

Haiti took its freedom and became The First Free-Black Country in the world in 1804. As its capital, Dessalines became the First Black Capital of the world. Undoubtedly named for Haitian revolutionary and first ruler of the independent state, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the town is today home to just a few hundred thousand people.


So unfrequented it is called one of Haiti's hidden treasures, Marchand Dessalines has been overlooked as a historical site with benefit to the tourism industry though inclusion in the 'Experience It' brand would be easy for the well maintained site that still boasts its buildings and fortifications that are well preserved.

There to be discovered is the main square with its statue of Dessalines, the Marchand Plantation with its six forts that the first ruler chose to make his capital, the house of Dessalines' wife, Claire Heureuse, which was restored just 6 years ago.

The possibilities for tourism continue as Marchand Dessalines has the distinction of being called a 'mystical place' in a country already known for its mysterious culture steeped in vodou. Lovers of adventures with a mysterious cast would surely, willingly, make the travel from bigger cities like Port-au-Prince, only 147 kilometers away, to experience the romantically dangerous air created by the vivid history, the very present cloistered feel caused by the ring of forts, and the presence of a vodou priest in situ just waiting to mystify.

Besides all these obvious attractions, the sheer feeling of honor one should get when standing on the soil that was the first world capital for blacks should be a great draw.

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Jocelyne Barthelus says...

Sil te plait pa gen on moun ki ka fem gen kontak ak Nermane Dort li se moun Marchand li te kondissip mwen lekol Saint Marc li ka voyage mariee min li mim selman manmann te gen kom

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