Markington Philippe, arrested in Agentina on Jean Dominique killing

According to a news just published on, the Haitian press freedom watchdog, SOS Journalistes, has confirmed that Argentine authorities have arrested Mr. Markington Philippe in Argentine.


Markington Philippe was a close ally of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

This arresst in Agentine came following an Investigation where Judge Ivickel Dabrezil issued an international arrest warrant, which has eventually been enforced through Interpol. Arrest warrents have also been issued for: Mirlande Liberus who is currently living in the United States.

The Argentine authorities are currently in the process of cooperating with the Haitian authorities to extradite Mr. Markington Philippe to Haiti.

Mr. Joseph Guyler C. Delva, the actual secretary of the Haitian press freedom watchdog, SOS Journalistes, has expressed his satisfaction for the arrest.

There is this Haitian Proverb that says: "Bat Chen Yan Tann Met Li". He might want to consult with some Haitian lawyers to get him out of this mess.


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Lavalas Pour Lavie says...

mwen Panswe misie se te fanatic Brazil li teye; just argentine vagabond al

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Jules says...

I would be interested to know how Titid manage to have Markington killed Jean

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Jules says...

Fwa sa a nou swete na jwen n Bon jan enfomasyon sou asasen Jn Dominique

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Mar Kensy says...

Mezzanmi an nou ankouraje journalist ayisyen sa a kap yon Travay seryé .nan pote enfòmasyon banou sou web nou.

Kap chèche enfòmasyon tribô pabô pou poté.

Pou enformé nou de tout sa kap pase lakay nou et nan tout mond la sepa yon Ti Travay piti.

Travay sa a metité ankourajmn.

Nou ka ankourajél nan dil mèsi pou kalité Travay sa a lap fè a, men ositou nan bal publisité poul ka fè promotion pou biznis nou yo, sa ap edél kenbé Travay lap fè.

Merci Roland Berthold pou Travay efènal sa a wap

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Subject: Markington Philippe, arrested in Agentina on Jean Dominique killing edit

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