Martelly attacking Liliane Pierre-Paul with Kanaval 2016, TI LILI

It's official. President Michel Martelly has decided to mark the end of his government in a high note, that is typical of his character. The president has released his carnival meringue for 2016 targeting journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul of Radio Kiskeya. The National Association of Haitian Media (ANMH) has denounced the and condemned this new attempt of the President of the Republic. According to Herold Jean Francois, the President of ANMH, "Liliane Pierre-Paul is one of the characters who are a credit to our country". "The President of the Republic shall be the guarantor of social cohesion and not the instigator of denigration and public lynching of citizens."


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Martelly atake Liliane Pierre-Paul ak Kanaval 2016, TI Lili

Se ofisyèl. Prezidan Michel Martelly deside pou make fen gouvènman li a nan yon gwo nòt, ki se tipik nan karaktè l '. Prezidan an lage Meringue kanaval li pou 2016 vize jounalis Liliane Pierre-Paul nan Radio Kiskeya. Asosiyasyon Nasyonal pou ayisyen Media (ANMH) te denonse ak kondane tantativ sa de Prezidan Repiblik la. Dapre Herold Jean Francois, Prezidan nan ANMH, "Liliane Pierre-Paul se youn nan karaktè yo ki se yon kredi nan peyi nou an". "Pwezidan de la repiblik la te gen pou te bay guaranty nan Jwenti sosyal epi pa yon promoteur nan denigreman ak lenchaj piblik sitwayen."

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Subject: Martelly attacking Liliane Pierre-Paul with Kanaval 2016, TI LILI edit

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