Martelly Blames Haitian Mentality for Protests

Haitian President Michel Martelly, responding to the recent spate of violent protests over the high standard of living, joblessness, and chronic corruption within his government, spoke with the European media.


To the charge his government is corrupt, he first blamed the Haitian mentality, but backpedaled to claim advisors of his had already been arrested and that more was to come. However, he did name names.

The protesting in the streets took the forms of rock throwing, tire burning, and shooting. Martelly argues what the citizens want is "unity and jobs, not conflict and further instability." He maintains he is highly motivated to change Haiti, so private investors will be encouraged to develop reconstruction projects.

He has targeted three sectors for development to get Haiti's economy going: tourism, trade, and agriculture. The Ministry of Tourism in Haiti will continue promoting the island's extraordinary beaches, but also steer tourists toward cultural and historic places of interest. Crops, particularly corn, mangoes, and coffee, will get a boost in production. Sustainable farming practices and higher export revenues will lessen dependence on foreign imports.

The biggest criticism of Martelly is his refusal to hold legislative and local elections, two years past due. If not held by the end of the year, Parliament won't be able to pass laws. The opposition believes he is taking advantage of the situation so he can run a dictatorship. They are demanding his resignation and the election of a new president.

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