Martelly Delivers Speech on Education System Challenges

A discourse is taking place within the government of Haiti (GOH) concerning the quality of education. President Martelly recently spoke to a delegation of educators about the underdevelopment of Haiti's education system. His speech was delivered at the Royal Oasis Hotel with Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, Nesmy Manigat, present. It was the occasion of the National Assizes on the Quality of Education Conference.


Martelly dragged out old platitudes, ". . . that . . . education . . . will improve the economic and social conditions of the population." Martelly also used a new buzz word, "inclusion", to urge its application ". . . from kindergarten to university . . ." He added the way out of poverty is ". . . for all children to have a solid education." He called upon his government to commit to teacher training, more school textbooks, school construction and maintenance, and school lunch programs.

More talk came from Martelly on regulation, control, and research. He droned on about applying ". . . standards and principles of modern governance . . ." regarding higher education. Nowhere in his speech did he talk about funding the education system, or the Education Fund itself, which the GOH keeps dipping into for other more important purposes.

Several years back when Preval was president, a ten-year plan to build a free public education system was being developed at a cost of about $2 billion. What happened to that?

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