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Nesmy Manigat Appointed President of Global Partnership for Education

As per the news report dated February 19, 2016, Nesmy Manigat, the Minister of National Education has been appointed as the President of the Governance, Ethics, Risk and Finance Committee of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). Within the ambit of GPE, the Governance, Ethics, Risk and Finance (GERF) Committee serves the following purposes. (a) GERF has the power to make decisions on the maintenance of ethics and avoid conflicts of interests. (b) It oversees the risk management framework and implements measures to prevent fraud, corruption and other misuse of GPE resources, including recommending actions and remedial measures. (c) Management of GPR resources for optimal use.

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Quality Education for Haiti to be Modeled on Finnish System

One of the most crucial elements to building and sustaining a healthy economy in Haiti is a developed education system. Recently the governments of Haiti and Finland have partnered up to address solutions to the problem of adequately educating the Haitian populace.

Minister of Education, Nesmy Manigat, and his equivalent Krista Kiuru of Finland signed a cooperation agreement that includes, among other considerations, teacher training and curriculum reform. The signing occurred at an international conference on the quality of education in the presence of Deputy Director Ecclesiaste Telemaque and Quisqueya University Rector Jacky Lumarque, as well as other Finnish educators and senior ministerial officials from both countries.

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Minister of Education takes over control of some schools, declaring State of Emergency

The Minister of Education in Haiti has decided to take control over the administration of several schools that have been performing poorly while demanding that the Directors leave for a period of time to receive appropriate training.

According to Minister Nesmy Manigat, the academic staff at these institutions will have to participate in a training session for a period of at least 9 weeks, while their institution are under the control of the Ministry.

Here is a list of the schools that have been taken over by the Minister of Education under State of Emergency:

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Nesmy Manigat, Minister of National Education & Vocational Training

On Thursday April 3, 2014, Mr. Nesmy Manigat who is a professor and member of the Bipartite Commission of negotiation and Advisor to the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, has been installed as the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training in place of outgoing Minister Vanneur Pierre. Vanneur Pierre congratulated his successor, the new minister in the presence of the Prime Minister and other senior officers and employees of the Ministry. The outgoing minister welcomed his successor and expressed his belief that professor Manigat's knowledge, experience and understanding of the Haitian economy and social reality will help him immensely to fulfill his challenges ahead.

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Martelly Delivers Speech on Education System Challenges

A discourse is taking place within the government of Haiti (GOH) concerning the quality of education. President Martelly recently spoke to a delegation of educators about the underdevelopment of Haiti's education system. His speech was delivered at the Royal Oasis Hotel with Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, Nesmy Manigat, present. It was the occasion of the National Assizes on the Quality of Education Conference.

Martelly dragged out old platitudes, ". . . that . . . education . . . will improve the economic and social conditions of the population." Martelly also used a new buzz word, "inclusion", to urge its application ". . . from kindergarten to university . . ." He added the way out of poverty is ". . . for all children to have a solid education." He called upon his government to commit to teacher training, more school textbooks, school construction and maintenance, and school lunch programs.

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Professor Nesmy Manigat

Professor Nesmy Manigat is a member of the Bipartite Commission of negotiation and Advisor to the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. On Thursday April 3, 2014, he has been installed as the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training in place of Minister Vanneur Pierre. The outgoing Minister Pierre has welcomed his successor and expressed his confidence that the new minister with his knowledge, experience and understanding can overcome the challenges ahead and achieve his target. The new minister has observed the work of his predecessor for last 20 months. He expressed his confidence that he along with other members of the institute is capable to overcome every obstacle and fulfill the educational dream projects of the State.

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