Martelly Sexist Remark Cost Him Government Officials

President Martelly of Haiti is an unabashed sexist. At a campaign rally Martelly insulted a woman, who complained his administration had neglected to provide her community with power service. His response to her was to go have sex in the bushes with any available man.


Fusion Social Democrats', Edmonde Beauzile, responded to Martelly's comment by ordering removal, under his party's coalition, three of Martelly's officials, two ministers and the secretary of state. He. called Martelly's remark "unacceptable". The Martelly government, unfazed by Beauzile's move, knows Martelly can still govern without difficulty. He currently rules by decree, and can say and do pretty much as he pleases. Also a lame duck president leaving office soon, another reason he can be outrageous with impunity.

Martelly, born in Haiti of well-to-do parentage, joined the Haitian military after high school, where he knocked up a military leader's god child. He ended up in the U.S. doing construction, attending a community college. He later became a musician, "Sweet Micky", eventually turning to politics. He was a supporter of the Duvaliers, and was once on a hit list when Aristide returned to office in the 90s.

In 2010 he campaigned for the Haitian presidency, winning by a majority of 60%. Corruption allegations have dogged him and his family during his term in office. He doesn't care what people think, once saying , "If you see me as a Macoute, then I'm a Macoute" He is Haiti's worst nightmare, a Haitian Donald Trump.

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