Me Jules Cantave selected as new Provisional President of Haiti

An agreement has been reached to get the country moving forward, after Michel Martelly. The Agreement was reached between the the three branches of the Haitian government, including the Executive, legislative and judiciary. According to the plan, in the presence of the president of the Haitian senate, chamber of deputies and also Me Jules Cantave representing the Court of Cassation, President Michel Martelly will address the nation to inform them of the end of his mandate as President. At that time, he will inform both the Parliament and the judicial power of the power vacuum caused by his resignation. At this time, per consensus between the three powers, the president of the Republic will proceed to the installation of the President of the Court of Cassation, Me Jules Cantave, as the new Provisional President of Haiti


What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Jules Cantave, nouvo Prezidan Pwovizwa an Ayiti

Yon akò te rive jwenn pou peyi a vanse, apre fin Michel Martelly. Akò a te rive jwenn ant twa branch nan gouvènman ayisyen, ki gen ladan Egzekitif la, lejislatif ak sistèm jidisyè. Dapre plan an, an prezans Prezidan Sena ayisyen an, Prezidan chanm depite a epi tou m 'Jules Cantave ki reprezante Tribinal kasasyon, Prezidan Michel Martelly pral adrese nasyon an pou enfòme yo fen a manda li kòm Prezidan. Lè sa a, li pral enfòme tou de Palman yo ak pouvwa jidisyè a de vid nan pouvwa ki koze pa demisyon li. Lè sa a, ak yon konsansis ant twa Pouvwa yo, prezidan Repiblik la pral kontinye nan enstalasyon Prezidan Tribinal Kasasyon, m 'Jules Cantave, kòm nouvo Prezidan Pwovizwa an Ayiti

Kisa ou panse?

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Nestor P Mateo says...

Today, some 212 years later, Haitians are showing the world that "Yes, it can be done".

Justice must prevail!

It is time for a real change in Haiti.

People can handle so much hypocracy anymore.

I estimate that, thanks to the great reaches that the country has, if exploited properly, every haitian could change his/her life and live with prosperity forever.

Some people have to make it possible, even by paying a big personal sacrifice.

With much love,

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Subject: Me Jules Cantave selected as new Provisional President of Haiti edit

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