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Jules Cantave rejects Danton Leger Nomination to the CSPJ

The President of the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Council of the judiciary (CSPJ), Mr. Jules Cantave, woke up in shock this morning to leearn the nominnation of Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger at the CSPJ without his knowledge. According to Mr. Leger, he learned the news just like you and me by way of the media.

As a result, Mr. Jules Cantave sent a press release to publicly reject the nomination of Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger to the CSPJ. He reminds the public the term of a CSPJ memeber is for 3 years and that the members can not be nominated to an other post.

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Me Jules Cantave selected as new Provisional President of Haiti

An agreement has been reached to get the country moving forward, after Michel Martelly. The Agreement was reached between the the three branches of the Haitian government, including the Executive, legislative and judiciary. According to the plan, in the presence of the president of the Haitian senate, chamber of deputies and also Me Jules Cantave representing the Court of Cassation, President Michel Martelly will address the nation to inform them of the end of his mandate as President. At that time, he will inform both the Parliament and the judicial power of the power vacuum caused by his resignation. At this time, per consensus between the three powers, the president of the Republic will proceed to the installation of the President of the Court of Cassation, Me Jules Cantave, as the new Provisional President of Haiti

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Will the next President be Jules Cantave, Jocelerme Privert or Evans Paul?

Evans Paul confirmed Martelly' departure on February 7. President Michel Martelly has exactly 11 days left before leaving office. In an interview given to a Venezuelan television network, Prime Minister once again confirmed that the president will not stay after this date as stated in the constitution. He also explained that there are several options in discussion between various actors to determine how the country is going to be governed after February 7th.

Will the next president of Haiti be:
- the current judge from Court of Cassation Jules Cantave,
- the president of the Senate Jocelerme Privert
- or Prime Minister Evans Paul

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