Mendat D'Amener and Travel Ban issued to Andre Michel

Based on the latest action of Magistrate Lamarre Belizaire, he is in possession of information that implicate both Enold Florestal and Andre Michel in the assassination of the 4 year law student Frantzi Duverseau.


Recentlly, a "Mendat D'Amener" was issued to Magistrate Lamarre Belizaire, inviting both Enold Florestal and Andre Michel to appear in front of his court to answer questions regarding the case. By measure of precaution, the Human Right lawyer, Andre Michel elected not to appear stating that the magistrate is not neutral in the case and would likely use this as an opportunity to get back at him for his ongoing opposition to the Martelly's government.

As of today, it has been reported that Attorney Andre Michel has been banned from traveling outside of the country.

Andre Michel and his associate Newton St. Juste have been in opposition with the government of Michel Martelly and have been trying to bring the presidential family to court for corruption and nepotism

Do you think the latest judicial action against Andre Michel is related to his political position?

Do you think it is an honest move from the Haitian Judicial system to solve this case once and for all?

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Pierre says...

why u never talk about the allegation of corruption we been here of the president family, why everything else but the truth, so for what side you working

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Subject: Mendat D'Amener and Travel Ban issued to Andre Michel edit

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