Mexican Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) and CTCEP signed MOU

The Mexican Federal Electoral Institute (MFEI) held a global workshop July 1-4, 2013. Among delegations present during the four-day event, Haiti signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mexico to make official a program exchange between the two countries to improve electoral operations.


In the MOU, among other things, training seminars will give instruction on electoral administration, mentorship support, and a manual of standard operating procedures to be used to guide the implementation of electoral responsibilities.

Transient College Permanent Electoral Council (TCPEC) President Emmanuel Ménard signed the MOU, along with signatories Leonardo Valdes Zuita, General Council President, and Edmundo Jacobo Molina, MFEI Executive Secretary.

Ménard said the MOU commits TCPEC to continue pursuing democratic principles in electoral campaigns, local and legislative. He adds MFEI is an admirable example of best practices in electoral policies that can help TCPEC achieve more effectiveness as a pro tem body.

Haiti's electoral system is a tripartite organization, comprised of a Temporary Electoral Council, TCPEC, and the Permanent Electoral Council. This stratification slows down the pace of preparing for elections. Currently Haiti is nearly two years overdue to hold elections, and has been pressured by the international community to hold them by year's end.

One must ask rhetorically; what does FEI stand to gain working with Haiti's electoral system, which is top-heavy with administrative waste and ineffiency? And is Haiti open to streamlining its electoral councils so that they function as one body instead of three?

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Subject: Mexican Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) and CTCEP signed MOU edit

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