Michel Martelly Vs Mirlande Manigat most likely

The Haitian Joudalist just learned that the two candidates likely to participate in the runoff Haiti election are Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat. We were told by a trusted source that partial polling are so far showing the two ahead and that the CEP will likely confirm this tomorrow, which will be November 7, the day scheduled to release the partial results.


Ro Yo Yoy!

Are you ready to have either our mother Mirlande Manigat or the president of Kompa, Michel Martelly, to be President of Haiti?

Will a 70 year old Manigat have the energy to fight someone like Martelly who has a long history of rallying people, whether in Kanaval, festival or Bals. Don't forget that there is a possibility that Martelly, AKA Sweet Micky might join forces with Wyclef Jean, another popular Haitian artist.

Like our famous Maurice Sixto would say:
"Kat Pelous Mwen Na Poch Mwen, Mwen Pwal Gade!"

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Neg Maron says...

The biggest factor in this election is not the US or Preval or percentage numbers; the biggest factor in this election is the will of the Haitian youth to change country by any means necessary.

I declare that the Haitian youth's willingness or unwillingness to sacrifice for their vote will decide this election.

Nothing else will - not Preval, not Mirlande, not the CEP and not the US.
This time belongs to the Haitian youth.

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Ouvejew says...


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Making A Wise Decision says...

You would rather chose Sweet Micky, then Mirlande Manigat?

I respect everyone's decision, but I do not agree with it.

Mirlande Manigat has been preparing for a position such as this for years.

Whereas Sweet Micky has only just announced that he would like to run for president just last year.

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Abraham says...

I think that Michel had the potential to win Mrs Manigat and to become the new president of Haiti.

No dicsussion on that, Michel will

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Ladytropical says...

what do you mean regarding professional wasn't aristide a professional?

wasn't he?

beleive me what we need now is somebody like Michel

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Joseph Despeines says...

I dont have any problem with martelly as a musicien I can even say i like micky birt, tell me to choose martelly over Mirlande Manigat for president of haiti it's a choice for haiti to be always in the

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Ninette says...

I think that Michel Martelly has a musician has a better vision of the country than many of the do nothing president with doctorate degre that we had so far; and is more in touch with the majority of hatians.

He knows then better.

If he can create good music and make every one dance.

He would be a good president.

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Edwin Jean says...

RFI confirme le deuxieme tour du 16 Janvier 2011 entre Michel J.

MARTELLY (REPONS PEYIZAN VS Mme MYIRLANDE HYPOLLITE H MANIGAT (KAY PEP LA) tandis que CNN annonce la victoire de JUDE CELESTIN (INITE) a 52 pour cent de point des le premier tour du scrutin.

Information a confirmer par les deux Ambassades ( USA et France) tout au cours de la journee avant la publication du

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Duvall Duprey says...

Haiti been fighting with those politicians, none of them did anithing positive for the country...

Vagabons se Vagabons, In my opinion we `re going to try

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Lucius Pierre says...

I recognise that Haiti needs a leadership it doesn't have; poor country.

There's only chance for Martely to become president of a NAtion, is that if there nobody with such condition to do it, or if the haitians have lost all confidence in his politics.

I understand, times have changed and we all have the opportunity to help our country, but in my own opinio, Mirlande Manigat is prepared enough to know what to do with the country, she's a professional.

And the country needs a professional not an artist.

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