Moise Jean Charles is example of Democracy in Haiti, Michel martelly

For the past two years, Senator Moise Jean Charles has not been moderate as to the various labels he has attributed to the government of Michel Martelly. Names like drug dealing, corruptions, dictatorship and racism are often words used by the Senator of North to describe our president. Do you think that the ability for Senator Moise Jean Charles to criticize the government of Michel Martelly is a proof that Democracy exists in Haiti?


At least the Haitian president believes that his government has exercised tolerance, a requirement for Democracy. During a visit in the city of Cap-Haitian on Thursday, January 23, 2014, President Michel Martelly confirmed that Senator Moise Jean Charles is a vivid proof that Democracy exists in Haiti.

In addition, the President feels that his government will be there to protect the Senator in time of difficulty and wishes that Senator Jean Charles supports his country as well

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Cheria Gata says...

what about lamothe?

how was his rights protected?

he was used and then discarded and excluded for having the audacity to want to combat corruption?

sounds great for tv

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Jacky Dessalines says...

what about for Judge Jean Serge Joseph...

Brothers's Florestal now very sick in prison because challenge the government on corruption charges.

What about the people that the Senators choose to control Administrative Superior courts in Haiti that the refuse to let them offer the Haitian people some transparency how the government expenses are taking care of....

That only Sweet Micky can explain to People what the true democracy is ...

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Subject: Moise Jean Charles is example of Democracy in Haiti, Michel martelly edit

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