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Moise Jean-Charles accused Evans Paul in gas stations arson

Moise Jean-Charles holds former Prime Minister Evans Paul responsible for several incidents where several gas stations have been victims of attacks and attempted arson.The leader platform Pitit Dessalines informed the press that he has been trying to contact Evans Paul to ask him to stop these criminal acts, but to no avail. Moise Jean-Charles said that he knows very well what Evans Paul is capable of, consideration his past as former militant Kompe Plim.

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Moise Jean-Charles akize Evans Paul nan dife estasyon gaz yo

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Jovenel Moise is not my Cousin, said Moise Jean Charles

This hopefully will put an end to the rumor. The rumor came from the leader of the Political Party OPL. Sauveur Pierre Etienne who came with the notion that the two Moises, Jovenel Moise and Moise Jean Charles whose real name is Jean Charles Moise would be blood relatives and that the two Candidates for President are Cousins. Moise Jean Charles did not waste time to react by denying any family tie with the Candidate of PHTK. He stated "Jovenel Moise is not my cousin". The candidate of Pitit Dessalines" I came from Milot in the North and Jovenel moise is from Trou-du-nNord in the north east.

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200 Millions gourdes made available to Parliament to keep privert in Power

According to Presidential candidate Moise Jean Charles, the former Justice Miniter under PHTK and current advisor to Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles is the principal actor in a scam to pay some Senators and Deputies in order to keep President Jocelerme Privert in office past the deadline. Former Senator Jean Charles declared to a reporter of Radio Kiskeya that Me Brunache was the one making the 200 millions gourdes available to Parliament.

In any other sociaty, this woud be called bribery; however, not in Haiti. In the Haitian political environment, this is called" Arozaj". Another term frequently used in "Mete Zeb nan bouch". Howe

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Moise Jean Charles denounces gift of Ministry Privert gave to Assad Volcy

Former Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles came out to denounce his friend Assad Volcy and at the same time to give him an Ultimatum to fix his position regarding the advantages received from President Jocelerme Privert. According to Moise jean Charles, his fried and the number 2 member of Pitit Dessalines Assad Volcy was involved in an internal deal with President Jocelerme Privert where a minister was given to him.

Moise jean Charles gave Assad Volcy an ultimatum of (2)two days to fix his position regarding the advantages received from President Privert.

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Several Political parties call for new Political agreement

Following the rejection of Fritz Jean, several political leaders are calling for a new agreement. They feel that some elements of the agreement have not been respected. Moise Jean charles stated that we no longer operating under a political agreement. What Privert must now do is to call in Platform Pitit Dessalines and other create a new political agreement that will establish a new government, a new CEP and a Commission of Verification. In a recent meeting with President Jocelerme Privert, Me André Michel (JISTIS) reported that several leaders asked for the signing of a new agreement that should involve all political forces.

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Moise Jean Charles issued 4 day ultimatum for Commission of verification

If President Jocelerme Privert thought that he was having lots of pressures to put a new Prime Minister in place, things are not getting are not getting any better for him. The leader of Platform Pitit Dessalines just just issued an ultimatum to the new President. According to Moise Jean Charles, Jocelerme Privert has a maximum of four days to put in place a commission of verification to investigate the results of the previous elections.

President Privert is in the hot seat

Haitain Kreyol:

Moise Jean Charles bay 4 jou iltimatòm pou Komisyon verifikasyon an

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Moise Jean Charles di Jude Celestin mwen pa pral sipote ou Ti Papa

Si ou panse te gen yon posibilite pou gwoup G8 ini anba yon candida an fas Jovenel Moise, ou ka bliye sa. Moise Jean Charles te soti pozisyon li. Li fè konnin ke kèlkeswa desizyon Group G8 lan, li pa pral sipòte kandida Jude Celestin. Dapre Moise, Jude Celestin reprezante moun ki renmen fason bagay yo ye an, e pa vle chanjman, ke li ape sipòte gwoup oligachi a an Ayiti.


Moise Jean Charles" No matter what, I will not Support Jude Celestin"

If you think at one point there was a possibility for the group G8 to unite themselves under one candidate, you can forget about it. Moise Jean Charles came out and made his position known. According to the candidate of Pitit Dessalin, regardless of what the decision of G8 is, he will not support the candidate Jude Celestin. For Moise, Jude Celestin is a representative of the status quo, the oligarchy in Haiti.

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Pa pral genyen okenn eleksyon 27 Desanm, Moise Jean Charles

Dapre Moise Jean Charles ki yon Kandida pou prezidan ak manm nan G8 la, Osi lontan ke Jovenel Moïse rete nan ras la ou ka bliye zafè eleksyon ane sa a. Pou eleksyon posib 27 Desanm , pa sèlman Jovenel Moise dwe soti nan konpetisyon an, men tou plizyè konseye elektoral ak chanjman nan gouvènman an. Kandida anba banyè "pitit Dessalin" lan di sèlman apre yo fin fè chanjman sa yo ke nou ca kòmanse pale osijè eleksyon.


There will be no elections on December 27, Moise Jean Charles

Jean-Charles Moïse (48) is a presidential candidate from his own Platfom Pitit Desalin. In the last October 25, 2015 election, he came third with 14.27% (229,109) votes, after Jovenel Moïse (PHTK) and Jude Celestin (LAPEH). This former Senator from the North and three times Mayor of Milot with a swell of public support is facing an uphill climb against the machinery of Martelly administration and electoral apparatus funded by the international community. During his election campaign, he has promised if he wins the election, he will work on food self-sufficiency and make significant changes in the health sector. PetroCaribe fund will be used, giving priority to road infrastructure, schools and universities and professional centers. Adequate public housing programs will be made for teachers and police officers.

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Moise Jean Charles wounded during protest

Senator Steven Benoit was not the only one who had a difficult day yesterday. Senator Moise Jean Charles was also wounded during their confrontation with the police as he was protesting the decision of the CEP not have an independent panel to investigate allegation of fraud during the past election. According to Moise this is a grave incident that took place yesterday. This was a quiet manifestation and the moment he was ready to speak to the crowd, Police opened fire. He also stated that the government is the one responsible for creating an atmosphere of panic in the country. They have a mission to fight. Stand up and fight

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Protest and Violence marking Novemver 18, 2015VIDEO

Here is a some video footing for the day of the Battle of Vertiere. It was marked by mass protest and manifestation against the CEP as the polulation was denouncing the country's preliminary presidential results.

WATCH VIDEO: Violent protests marking November 18 over preliminary election results

An exit poll revealed a curious feature because a little over 6% of voters had said that they have voted for the government-backed candidate Jovenel Moise, placing him on the fourth. Surprisingly, when the result was out, he came to the top with 32.8 % of the votes. However, it is a fact that exit polls are not always accurate indicators.

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