Monique Rocourt Installed at the Head of the Ministry of Culture

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, Monique Rocourt has been installed as the head of the Haitian Ministry of Culture by replacing former minister Henry Robert Jolibois. The interim Ministry of Culture Josette Darguste was present during the installing ceremony and has expressed her hope that the new boss of the Ministry of Culture will work effectively, use her courage and experience prudently while taking bold steps. During the installation ceremony Ms. Rocourt has said that her focus will remain on the young minds. They are the hopes of the nation in every act of preservation and enhancement of our artistic heritage, architectural, literary and intangible culture. She believes her transition will always remain smooth with the guidance of the outgoing minister in the coming days. She expressed her thanks to the colleagues of ISPAN for continued support and welcoming her to the new responsibility.


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