Moto-Taxi in Haiti, pro and con as Preferred mode of Transportation

Probably the most popular form of transportation in the Southeast department of Haiti, Moto-Taxi's, since their inception 15 years ago, have been a force to be reckoned with. Growing in importance to the point where they are one of the predominant modes of public transport, the moto-taxis have also, consequently, been a factor in many of the reported cases of trauma at hospitals. At the Saint-Michel Hospital in Jacmel, Dr. Gaspard SEM, who has the run of the outpatient clinic and the emergency department, reported that hundreds of reported accident cases were those involving moto-taxis, which often seat three or more riders at a time.


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Part of the problem is that the roads on which the moto-taxis ply their routes are often not fit for all types of vehicles. One journey on a bike with no place to hold on, plus one or two more passengers than are wholly recommended, down a road that is a veritable obstacle course for all the casual walkers, mounds of rubble, stones and boulders, and jerky potholes that litter it, is enough to show why accidents are so frequently linked to the otherwise convenient mode of travel.

For the cheapness and convenience, plus the fact that most routes link otherwise unconnected destinations, most brave the discomfort and uncertainty of the ride, some not even aware of the threat of danger. Compounding the danger is the lax system, or the downright lack of one, to govern the moto-taxi's and offer a level of protection and security to the passengers who chose to patronize them.

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