New Demonstration Against Publication of Final Election Results

Opposition parties and many Haitian civilians are not happy with the published result of the October 25th presidential result. Demonstrations against the Presidential Election result on the streets have become a regular feature and it is gaining momentum every day.


One demonstrator was killed and several others were injured in street clashes with the ruling party supporters. Recently, the second place finisher Jude Celestine has broken the silence and has said that he does not accept the published result which put him in a likely runoff with Jovenel Moise, handpicked by Martelly as his successor. The result in no way reflects the support of the common people. It is interesting to note that Jovenel Moise, his opponent, as per the published result, came to the top with 32.8% of the votes, while an exit poll on the Election Day (October 25) placed him on the fourth place with a meager 6% vote. Eighty two percent of the exit poll voters were agreed on the Election Day that the election was fair, there was no fraud. However, when the same voters were asked after the result on November 5th, Ninety percent of them said they now disagree with the earlier statement.

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