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Max Julien - January 27 2013, 5:41 AM

Yes indeed; les Freres Dejean was the bomb. I remember the band came to perform Au Cap-Haitien.

At that time i was in my teens; the band played a martinee au Septen theatre for the youth fans. I can only say that many were crying when the band was to finish playing that seance.

It seems that that generation knew at that time what we had just experienced was not common & was never to experience again.

I revived such feelings again in 1989 in Miami, Skah-Shah was playing with Arsene on the drums, then begining the second portion, Ramponeau with the blessing of Cubano stepped in to play the drums.

The precision, the style & the maestria he displayed was unbelievable.

It was also to prove who is the man to Arsene & the real fans of Skah-Shah understood the message.

I have observed Skah-Shah in other seances after that but to never repeat such exploit again.

Each band during that era had a signature to their products, these days who is who?

& what is what. They master the instruments more but to produce nothing really valuable with; & that depreciation is throughout the global culture.

Remember the scrutiny albums had to go thru every year; either if it came from Scorpio or DP, Freres Dejean or System, Tabou or Skah-Shah.

Each band's fans were its worse critic, so the goal was not only to make a hot pate marketable but quality wise too presentable.

The public knew the signatures as well and they were to looking for it at each time. What a time?

I was lucky to grow up with a brother who was listening to music & made me a priviledge to know the existence of Volo Volo, Ambassadeurs, Astros, Djet-X & others.

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