Give birth in Haiti at your own risk

We are aware that infant mortality in Haiti is at an alarming rate, the highest in the Caribbean. Maternal Mortality is yet another problem that the country must deal wit more effectively.


The maternal mortality ratio in Haiti in 2013 was 380 per 100,000 live births which was evaluated at more than 1000 maternal deaths. This was an official number. Considering how difficult it is to come up with real numbers, the actual rate of maternal death could be much more. Again this ratio is much higher in Haiti than in other regions in the Caribbean

You may remember the recent case where a bleeding pregnant woman dropped dead at the gates of Haiti's largest public hospital after failing to get help. The hospital was affected by a weeks-old strike by resident doctors, nurses and other staff at thee time.

The woman, three months pregnant, has just crossed the border from Haiti to see the Dominican doctor. She has no immigration papers or money to pay a fee. The same is true for

It has been reported that Haitian women make up a large portion of the patients giving birth in the neighboring Dominican hospitals. Thousands of pregnant Haitian women, many of them with no immigration papers or money to pay ready to give birth, cross the border each year to give birth

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