Preeclamsia/eclampsia, the leading case of Maternal Mortality in Haiti

While the primary reason for maternal mortality Caribbean is hemorrhage(23%), followed by hypertension(22%), in Haiti it is different. The main cause of maternal death in Haiti is preeclamsia/eclampsia at an alarming rate of (37.5%), followed by hemorrhage at (22%).


Preeclampsia/ eclampsia are the development or worsening of high blood pressure during pregnancy. The symptoms of preeclampsia are seizures. This condition can develop any time from 20 weeks into the pregnancy until weeks after delivery.

Often, as blood pressure continues to climb higher, this may cause the placenta to separate from the wall of the uterus, causing severe bleeding and even death of the fetus and possibly the mother.

Many Haitian women give birth at home, often with untrained midwives. At the few remaining health care facilities in the country, they are giving birth on the floor, in the waiting room, on staircases and in bathrooms.

How can Maternal mortality can be decreased in Haiti?

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Subject: Preeclamsia/eclampsia, the leading case of Maternal Mortality in Haiti edit

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